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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 10

"Better late than ugly." 😂

  1. The photo above is the latest picture on my Instagram that has gotten over 500 likes. That makes me very happy that rarely happens. #shallowiknowbutitsthetruth
  2. Is everyone loving Instagram's newest update? I know I am! Vertical photos look so beautiful because it fills up the entire screen! <3 Follow me if you haven't already:@corinth.suarez
  3. My sister is really enjoying being a barista. I'm really also glad that she's doing well. She's such a lifesaver at work! Thanks Micah for being a great co-worker!
  4. ColourPop is giving me life right now! I am dying over their new fall collection! I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE! On another note, I don't know how to feel about their revamped website. It's cleaner, yes, but I think I don't think it's more efficient.
  5. Finishing the Breaking Bad season for the second time was so heartbreaking, for the second time! UGH! That show is so good. Now, I'm back to blogging! HALLELUJAH!
  6. My fake nails are making me happy because I don't get to see the UGLY underneath. It also makes the nail polish on them look so vibrant and less chippy. 
  7. Labour Day weekend is the long weekend I wasn't really expecting! My body is so ready to RELAAAAX, meaning, to play with makeup at home and to write.
  8. I bought a new Nora Roberts book today and I am very excited to read it! She is one of the best writers I know and I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE JUDGING ME RIGHT NOW! I know her books are the "pocket book" type (that our old maids used to read when I was young) but my gosh, Nora Roberts is a genius!
  9. KathleenLights just announced on her YouTube channel today that she created a liquid lipstick called Miami Fever in collaboration with OFRA Cosmetics and I think that's the perfect excuse to FINALLY purchase an OFRA lipstick because I've heard really great things about it! <3 We get 40% off on all purchases if we use the code KATHLEEN40! Should I say more?
  10. My sisters and I have been watching On The Wings of Love everyday and it makes me super happy when Heather sings along with Kyla, falsetto and all! Haha. SO CUTE!

I know it's been pretty quiet here lately and I'm really sorry about that. I will make it up to you guys by working really hard on my upcoming posts this weekend! 

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