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FRIDAY's 10 Happy Things | 11

It's starting to feel really nice and autumn-y here! LOVE THIS SEASON SO MUCH!

Also, I called in sick today, only to be called back into work because one of my co-workers decided he needed to sleep and could not cover for me. -_- So annoying, but despite all that, I'm still okay. I'm fine, and I'll feel better.

  1. You know how last week, I wrote about how happy I was because one of my photos on Instagram got 500 likes? Well, the cover photo of this blog post is now my most recent very loved photo which got more than 1 thousand likes and that makes me super happy! Thanks to @SocalityBarbie for liking it, haha!
  2. The fact that Socality Barbie follows me on Instagram is giving me good vibes. 😏
  3. Jorge and I discovered some beautiful new places here in the Yukon. It's just so lovely to go offline for a bit to experience nature. <3
  4. Jorge and I saw three bears this week! They stunk so bad but they looked so cute! 
  5. The leaves are drastically turning yellow, red and orange and I just love it!
  6. We've been experiencing really good weather lately. The sun has been shining and it's been dry for awhile, which is a very nice change from the past few weeks because it rained like crazy, all day everyday!! Thank God for indian summers!
  7. My sister's snapchat of my niece and nephew is giving me life! I love them so much! Go follow my sister's account (@HANNAHSUNICO) if you want to see my cute pamangkins
  8. Jorge composed a new song for my upcoming video and I love it! It's so fun and just awesome! :) I'm a proud wifey!
  9. I've been loving my two fall hats! I just need to get used to having them on my head. 
  10. I just recently bought some ColourPop items and I'm so excited to receive them in the mail!!! UGH! Can't wait to show you guys!
  11. I'm adding one more because my sister Micah is such a hard worker and covered the hours I didn't work today. Thanks baby sis. Love you! 

I'm back on PHHHOTO so follow me there if you have an account! @CORINTH

Have a great weekend you guys! <3

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