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Friday's 10 Happy Things | 04

It's FRIDAY! Time to list down the 10 things that made me happy this past week!

  1. The SUMMER heat! I know that the summer season can be very harsh in other parts of the country, especially in Asia, but we've been having such nice sunny days here and it's been making me really happy, and, it's allowing me to FINALLY wear my cute summer outfits!
  2. Discovering and exploring new places here in Whitehorse. We recently visited Fish Lake and explored it for the first time! We were the only ones there and it felt really good. It was so calm and so nice!
  3. My FREE Blackforest Cake from where I work. I always get a free cake on my birthday and they never disappoint!
  4. My sister bought me KathleenLights' quad eyeshadow colors from ColourPop as a birthday present and I'm really excited to receive them!
  5. I have been using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette a lot lately and I AM OBSESSED with it!
  6. When Jorge helps with house chores. He recently cleaned the bathroom. I love that he always does his best to make me happy. He knows that a clean bathroom makes me happy so he always makes sure that it's clean so I won't get upset. Haha. Some girls love to receive material things, me, I like it when a guy knows how to clean the house. ;)
  7. I started playing Sims on my phone and I know I know, I'm super duper late to the Sims party, but I am enjoying it! I tried to do the money cheat but it wouldn't work! So I am really building my town and my sims slowly, cheat-free, but sometimes, with a help from my bank card. Haha. I'm at Level 11 already and my Sim is married to a Nick Suarez and they have a baby girl. It should have been a Jorge Suarez but Sims have a bug I guess. -_-
  8. I don't know what it is with Lays Salt and Vinegar and watching a movie or a TV show. It's like the perfect couch combo, and it makes me very happy. 
  9. My co-worker gave me a K-Palette 2-way eyebrow pencil/powder for my birthday and I love it!
  10. Morning shifts make me happy! I don't like waking up early for work, but I like getting off early from work. So...

Yeah! Those were the things that made me happy this week! How was your week? I'm getting a 3-day weekend and I am very happy about that! THANK GOD IT'S FINALLY THE WEEKEND! WOOHOO!

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