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From Workout to Go Out with Tasc Performance



I'm sure we all are aware of the athleisure trend by now, and you know what? I'm all for it!

Workout clothes are naturally the comfiest clothing (after pajamas), and if we're all being honest here, we just want to be comfortable all day, and I think that's why the whole "athleisure" trend boomed the way it did! But did you know that athleisure can get even comfier? And did you know that bamboo plays a big part in that? #ExperienceBamboo

Tasc Performance's mission is to enhance the active experience through the innovation of original fabrics, and they worked really hard to develop this process called BamCo® to provide us fabric made out of Moso timber bamboo that feels better than cotton, and performs without chemical enhancements! To learn more about this sustainable brand, and their fabrics, click here

I don't own many workout leggings, but this one from Tasc is the best one I've ever used so far! It feels extremely soft, it hugs my body and legs so well, and it doesn't slide down my waist. Who here can shout an amen with me?! I hate leggings that slide down, but this one from Tasc is perfect! Like I said before, it hugs my body nicely, almost like second skin. If you love to walk or run, or do really intense workouts, get yourself a pair of these leggings! 


I also got myself a new reversible sports bra, and a seamless thong, and you guys, wearing these three pieces all together is legit comfort at its finest! So so happy that they're pretty fashionable too, which makes the transition from working out to going out so much easier! Have to run a quick errand, or meet your friend at your local coffee shop? Just throw on your favorite denim jacket, change your shoes to your "dressier" pair of sneakers, and you're "athleisure" ready!


Do you own any sustainable clothing? Would love to know your thoughts about it! Talk to me in the comment section below!