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Makeup Monday: Full Face DRUGSTORE Makeup Staples

On today's Makeup Monday, I will be sharing with you some cheap products I use to achieve a complete makeup look. All of these products can be found at the drugstore and I promise you, these products are really wallet-friendly. This is a Drugstore feature because 1, I don't own/use any high-end makeup products and 2, I IZ CHEAP. I have a few high-end items on my wishlist though and I am excited to treat myself on my birthday! 2 more months!


To achieve a flawless finish, we should have our bases covered first.

  1. PRIMER - I recently discovered Maybelline's Facestudio Primer and I personally think it's better that their Baby Skin Pore Eraser. It's lightweight and it doesn't feel sticky on the fingers. It blurred out my pores very nicely and it helped my foundation stay put, even after 8 hours of barista work.
  2. FOUNDATION - This TrueMatch foundation is perfect to use on top of a primer or on its own as well because it is medium to full coverage and sometimes you won't even need a concealer over it. It is my favorite foundation.
  3. CONCEALER - For that extra coverage, concealer is your best friend. If you have extra dark circles like me, this Fit Me concealer does a great job at concealing them. It does sometimes settle into my fine lines though, but a few finger smudges can fix that.
  4. SETTING POWDER - To lock all those face products in, set your face with a good face powder. My Fit Me pressed powder is my go-to setting powder. It's good for setting both my under-eye concealer and foundation products.


Let's move on to the eyes. I like working on my eyes because I think this is my best feature. If you know what your best facial feature is, play around that area. It's nice to emphasize what makes you feel more confident about yourself.

  1. EYEBROWS - It's important to frame your eyes! Your face will look sloppy if you skip your eyebrows in your makeup routine. I like using Revlon's Brow Fantasy because it's so easy to use! You can even use the pencil to contour your eyes and nose. Your ultimate 3-in-1 product.

  2. EYES- Doing my eye makeup is my most favorite! I love playing around with colors/shapes that compliment my eyes and eye shape. The Nudes Palette from Maybelline is a nice item to have because you can do multiple looks with this. From day, to night, from simple, to smokey, from matte looks, to shimmering and so much more! You can even use the lightest color in this palette to highlight the highest points of your face and the darkest shade as your eyeliner! It's a very versatile palette and it's very cheap! 

  3. EYELASHES - The best tip I can give you to help you look more awake than you actually are is to put on mascara without fail! First, curl lashes then coat your lashes with Loreal's Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara and you'll look all dolled up in just a few minutes.


For that extra pop of color, don't forget your cheeks and lips!

  1. CHEEKS - For that cute rosy glow, make sure to pat some Loreal True Match blush on the apples of your cheeks!
  2. LIPS - To complete your makeup look, don't forget to add some color to your lips! Revlon's Kissable Lipstain Crayons are amazing to use if you don't like retouching. It really stains your lips!


Lastly, here are some brushes you must have in your collection!

  1. FOUNDATION BRUSH - I love this buffing brush from Real Techniques. It's really good for buffing the foundation into your face. Gives a really smooth and flawless finish.
  2. POWDER BRUSH - I love big fluffy brushes for my powder application! I got this one from eBay.
  3. BLUSH BRUSH - Make sure you have a small fluffy blush brush if you don't like using the applicators that come with the blushes.
  4. CREASE/BLENDING EYE BRUSH - For that extra definition to your eyes, it's nice to have this kind of brush on your vanity. You don't really need a base eyeshadow shader brush because you can always use your fingers for applying your eyeshadow base.
  5. ANGLED BRUSH - This kind of brush is perfect for brow powder application and for smudging eyeliner. 

I have normal to oily skin and I find that these products work really well for me and I do recommend these products but before buying these out yourself, make sure you know your skin type so you know which products will work well for you too.

Also, makeup is a matter of preference. Some may like it, some won't. Sometimes it works for others, sometimes it doesn't for you. It took me years of trying and testing out makeup to say that I finally found my staple items, so if you still haven't found the right makeup products for you, hang in there a little longer. You'll find your holy-grail products too, soon enough.


This post is actually inspired by a reader's idea. If you have any makeup monday post ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave me a message here. I'd love to collaborate with you. 

what are your must-have drugstore products? do you have a favorite high-end makeup item? let me know because I'm always on the lookout for makeup!