Makeup Monday: My Go-to Eyeshadow Look

Makeup Monday:


I know this is a very late makeup monday post but here it is nonetheless, and for today's blog post, I'm gonna show you how I do my go-to eyeshadow look as well as the products I used to achieve it. It's very easy to do, trust me. Two things I learned about eyeshadow, it's all about practice and blending! So if you are a beginner like me, give yourself some time and just keep practicing. Every day is a new playing ground for your makeup skills! If you are a "non-noob" and are used to doing makeup then just look at the pictures and I'm sure you already know how I did this look! ;)

Products I used:

base: maybelline baby skin pore eraser, loreal lumi true match foundation, maybelline fit me concealer, maybelline fit me pressed powder, loreal super-blendable blush // real techniques buffing brush (for foundation), blush brush

brows: revlon brow fantasy // spooly

eyes: benefit big beautiful eyes: eye contour kit // real techniques eyeshadow brushes

loreal gel liner, loreal million lashes mascara // revlon eyelash curler

lips: nivea honey and milk lip balm, revlon lipstain

- 1 -

Here, I've already done my whole face. Really love my foundation! I also moisturized my lips!

- 3 -

Using the Benefit eyeshadow palette, prime your lids. I love this palette because it's so compact you can just pack it with you anywhere you go! It's the perfect natural eyeshadow look too.

- 2 -

And then here, BAM! EYEBROWS done, not on fleek, but done! :)

- 3.1 -

I just used my finger to warm up the primer on my skin. I spread it all over my lids and under my eyes as well. This will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.

I just used my finger to warm up the primer on my skin. I spread it all over my lids and under my eyes as well. This will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing.

- 4 -

Take the first eyeshadow shade from the palette, and using a flat eyeshadow brush, press the champagne color all over the lids. you can use your own eyeshadow palette if you don't have this exact one. 


- 5 -

Using a crease brush, take the second color and pack that onto your crease. I do a half moon motion kind of swiping only concentrating on my crease.

You can actually stop here if you want a more natural look and if you usually go for a "no makeup" look, but if you want to look more glamorous and you want to make your eyes pop out a little bit more, add more eyeshadow! And onto the next step!

- 6 -

Using the same crease brush, take the 3rd shadow and pack it on the outer corners of your eyes forming a v-shape. I find this the hardest thing to do but don't worry, just keep blending if it starts to look a little crazy.

- 7 -

KEEP BLENDING! This is the perfect time to fix up any messes made along the way. If you're doing any eyeshadow look, the key is to blend!

Here, I just swept the 2nd shadow over the harsh edges (made from doing the darker shadows ) then I added more of the 1st shadow onto the middle of my eyelids to bring back brightness to my eyes. I also added that color on my inner corners. I also added some of the 3rd shadow on my lower lash line just at the outer corners to create that smokey effect.

- 8 -

Then to make your eyes stand out even more, apply your favorite eyeliner and mascara! Applying these bad boys can be tricky most of the time but girls, you know it's worth it! It really makes a BIG difference.

- 9 -

Blush up!

Contour the nose! I used the 1st eyeshadow color to highlight the bridge of my nose and my eyebrow pencil to contour it.

And voila! A slimmer nose! :)

- 10 -

After lipstick, it's selfie time of course! You can never go wrong with red lips and a beanie. Beanie because yah know, dirty hair. -_-

I hope you guys liked this somewhat makeup tutorial post. Let me know what you think about this makeup look! Is this an everyday kind of look or is it more suitable for a date night? Leave me comments.

ALSO, I would like to greet all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! - cs

P.S.: Do not EVER prick your blackheads especially on the nose area. If you notice, which you probably have, I have holes on my nose! HAHA. It's because of blackheads being forced out of their home, called my nose, and now, it looks like my nose have baby craters. Pricking is a BIG NO NO. ( I still do it sometimes though. -_-)