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Bikes and coffee together? Who would have thought?

On this cold snowy day, I am missing this cute coffee shop located at the heart of historic Frederick. Frederick is such a cute town, and this coffee shop just made the city all the more charming to me. Gravel & Grind is both a bike shop and a coffee shop which I think is very interesting, making them one of the most unique coffee shops I've ever been to.

Their shop is full of ALL THINGS bicycle and coffee, and every time I visit, I can't help but look around. I love the little record player corner that they have by the entrance, I love the string lights hanging underneath a huge garage door, love the wood materials all over the place, love that the staff and the owners of the place are very warm and friendly, and most importantly, I LOVE THEIR COFFEE! Jorge and I's personal favorite is their Johnny Cash which is a mocha with hints of orange flavors.

If only this coffee shop was a little bit closer to home, we'd always be there to work. The atmosphere is very freelance-friendly, quiet, and they have free wifi! My favorite time to go there is during the spring/summer because they have a huge tree outside that blooms the prettiest pink flowers!

If you are in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, Gravel & Grind is definitely a place you should go check out!

For more information about them, CLICK HERE!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop you always go to? Are you considered their regular? Do you enjoy working at coffee shops? What's your favorite drink to order?