How I Satisfy My Guilty Pleasure Minus The Guilt

All my close friends and avid readers know that I have the sweetest tooth ever, and sometimes it's so hard for me to indulge because I always feel the guilt creep up on me as soon as I grab the sweetest thing we have at home. And for someone who ALWAYS wants dessert right after every meal, feeling guilty is not something I look forward to. 

I'm so excited to let you know that I discovered this really delicious treat at my local Giant Store that made me NOT feel bad about satisfying my deadly cravings. #Yo2 #ItsTheCows

Kemps Yo² Frozen Yogurt has been my go-to dessert after my meals. I'm also the type of person who likes snacking on something while watching my favorite TV shows and movies, so Kemps Yo² has been my best friend in that department as well. They have 6 very delightful flavors, and the ones that I picked up most recently are the Mudslide and Salty Caramel Cookie Crunch flavors because I love something crunchy in my frozen yogurt desserts. I'm hoping that the next time I visit my local Giant, they would have the Raspberry Cheesecake flavor, because that is literally my favorite!

I had a hard time looking for it at first because I was searching for it at the section where the larger frozen yogurt tubs are. Be sure to check the area where the "pint" sizes are, and keep in mind that the new Kemps Yo² Frozen Yogurt tubs have a cute purple top. 

I say that indulging in these delectable desserts make me feel less guilty because they are made WITHOUT high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial growth hormones. I'm not so pressed about what I put in my body every day, but it's really nice to know that whenever I do want to treat myself, Kemps Yo² is a wholesome dairy product.

Kemps is owned by a family of farmers, and they are passionate about transforming nature's pure milk into great every day dairy products like ice cream. And I think the best part about Kemps is the fact that every time their product is purchased, money goes back to the family farmers to help continue to care for their cattle. I'm always down to support companies who give back to the well-being of animals.

It's your turn to tell me what your go-to guilt-free dessert is!

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