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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Today, my sisters and I celebrated Jesus’ Resurrection at Ricky’s. It was nice to talk about Jesus over delicious food and of course, with family. I had the Big Waffle breakfast and it was amazing as usual. I had a couple cups of coffee and I was full with sister chatter. It’s nice to spend time with my sisters. It’s been awhile since we went out just the four of us.

I woke up and found a sharpie and drew a cross, an equal sign and a heart on my wrist. I really want this tattooed on my skin but zi boyfie wants mah skin flawless. <3 Jesus died on the cross because he loves us. But the best part is that he rose from the dead. He is our risen king and because of his amazing life, we are alive and free of sin! Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is the representation of our sins being washed away from us so we can live. We are redeemed through the cross, and that is the real reason of Easter. It’s the celebration of Jesus. It’s the celebration of a new life. It’s the celebration of love.

Whitehorse is beautiful. I just can’t wait for a spring/summer overload in this city. I’m so excited for all the colors to come alive, and I’m so thankful for this perfect day. My God is awesome.