How I Apply False Lashes

I honestly cannot believe I’ve become one of those women that cannot NOT wear falsies anymore.

My makeup isn’t complete if I don’t wear my falsies and though that may sound extra for some of you, I have a good reason!

How I Apply False Lashes

Eyeliner life is just NOT my life no more. I think it’s my age that has made my eyes extra “foldy” that eyeliner is just so much harder to apply! I honestly hate it because eyeliner is the one thing that actually helps my eyes look prettier! But then again, I have more BAD eyeliner days than there are good so I decided for an easier alternative — FALSIES!

I tried a lot of ways of applying falsies and I finally found my favorite method that really compliments my eye shape. This took a lot of trial and error, so if you are starting to get into the false lash life I suggest that you give yourself time and have a lot of patience! Learn your eye shape and experiment what looks best for you.


Ardell Demi Wispies - These are the ones that I use because I find that they’re the most natural-looking on me. I do cut them in half and I’ll elaborate on that further later on. If you don’t want to cut your lashes in half, just get these individual ones.

Duo Brush-On Lash Glue - This is my favorite lash glue because the brush applicator makes it so easy to put on the lash band. I hated the ones that are in a press tube because I always ended up applying too much because it would spit out a blob of bubble, making me ruin the lash.

Grooming Scissors - tiny scissors! It’s what I use to cut my lashes in half. You can use whatever you have on hand.

False Lash Tweezers - you can use just regular tweezers but if you get this lash tweezer the better.

Mascara - Just because you have falsies doesn’t mean you can skip this step. I shared my favorite mascaras on this post!

Lash Curler - I know I used to never curl my lashes but when I got a good lash curler, I can’t skip it in my routine anymore! this rose gold one is to die for!

How I Apply False Lashes


Prep - Before applying false lashes, you should always prep them first!

- remove lashes from the pack and carefully remove the glue residue from the lash band
- put lashes (without glue) on your eye and measure. make a mental note on where you need to cut the lashes to fit your eye perfectly. if you’re going to do it the way I do, measure out how much lash you want to apply on the outer part of your eyes. for me, that’s half the lash.

Application - Now that you’ve prepped your lashes for your eyes, it’s time for the part where we both panic, but with a lot of practice, applying falsies will be second nature I promise!

- apply mascara on your lashes.
- apply a generous coat of lash glue to the lash band.
- wait for lash glue to dry for about 30 seconds. I blow on this too sometimes to help speed up the process.
- once the lash glue turns a little “bluish” or once it’s kinda dry and tacky, it’s time to apply on the eyes. I just use my fingers to apply my lashes, but if you feel more comfortable using a tweezer, go ahead and use it. Grab a mirror and get it real close to your eyes as you apply so you can literally see what you’re doing. Place the lash on the outer part of the eye making sure it’s extremely close to your lash line. Push it into the skin gently a few times to really make sure it’s sticking to your eye.
- finally, once your lashes are completely dry, both the mascara and the falsies, grab your eyelash curler and give your lashes a soft squeeze. This will make your natural lashes blend to your falsies better, and at the same time give your eyes a very lifted look!

How To Apply False Lashes - Before and After

this is what my lashes look like with and without the half lash

It gives the effect of an eyeliner without actually applying eyeliner.

How I Apply False Lashes

this is the final look!

It looks so natural! I love it! Works really well with no makeup makeup looks!

I find that using half falsies are the most flattering on my eyes, and it’s also so easy to apply! Applying a full lash stresses me out because I can never get them to look even. Sometimes, one side is more up and it makes one of my eyes bigger than the other one.

Anyway, this is the way I finish up my eyes and it’s been working really well for me. If I discover any new tricks, I will share them here in a future post. For now, I hope you found this helpful and if you did, please share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, and whatnot. Give this post a heart below as well so I know you like posts like this one!

Now it’s your time to share! If you’re a falsies girl, let me know what your favorite lashes are in the comment box below!