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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

I've had a video filmed for you guys a long time ago but I just "never had the time" to finish editing it because I didn't want to do a voice over! I know, excuses!!! Well the other night, my sister Micah requested a video on how I clean my makeup brushes and I thought: well screw my excuses! I finally finished editing the video. I still didn't do a voice over so I will be writing a more in depth tutorial on how I clean my brushes here. But if you want to go ahead and watch the video, head on over at the end of this post! 


  1. Brush Cleanser - Dishwashing Soap (I used the Palmolive one with the Lavender scent before), Baby soap, Cetaphil, or a brush cleanser like Swirl and Sparkle which is what I used in the video
  2. A cup
  3. Water, of course!
  4. Papertowels
  5. Fan (optional)
I am almost out of my Swirl and Sparkle brush cleanser so I got this one as a replacement. Only available in Target.

I am almost out of my Swirl and Sparkle brush cleanser so I got this one as a replacement. Only available in Target.


  1. I fill up the cup with lukewarm water. Let's not waste water!
  2. I dip my brush into the cup to wet my brush then I swirl it inside my brush cleanser pot to get a lather. If you don't have a brush cleanser, just get another cup and put soap in it then dip your brush there.
  3. I then swirl and scrub my brush on the lid of my brush cleanser for extra cleaning action. If you don't have a scrubbing mat, you can just scrub the brushes on the palm of your hand. 
  4. When I feel like the brush is already clean, I set it on a dry paper towel and I grab and clean the next brush.
  5. After I'm done with my first batch of brushes, I rinse them all with warm water.
  6. Then I squeeze out the excess water from the bristles with a paper towel. You will see me do this in the video.
  7. Then I take my brushes to my room and I let them dry on the table. I make sure to leave my brushes facing down on a paper towel and let gravity do its work. And because I want my brushes to dry quickly, I put a little fan in front of my brushes and I let it dry overnight.


1. Do not wet your brushes over the steel thingy that keeps the bristles intact.  Wetting over it allows water to seep into the glue holding your bristles together and will eventually lead to the shedding of your brushes. Keep this in mind especially when rinsing.

2. When you let your brushes dry, make sure to shape the bristles to its original form to avoid deformed bristles. It's like the same concept with our hair and a hair dryer. Again, you will briefly see how I do it in the video.

3. Your foundation brush will probably the hardest one to clean if you use a liquid foundation on a daily basis. Just be patient with it and eventually, you'll get all the gunk off. 

4. Make sure to wash your brushes on a regular basis to keep them feeling nice, soft and as if they're brand new! Also, dirty brushes are just gross! Imagine swirling a dirty brush onto your nice clean face. EEW!

So, now that you know how I clean my brushes, see it all in action in the video below! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and let me know if this procedure works for you as well! 

So here's a question, do you enjoy cleaning your brushes, because I do! In Whitehorse, I even wash my sisters' brushes because seeing all the gunk coming off the brushes feels so satisfying to me! 

Filmed using my iPhone 5s // Music by my awesome husband Jorge which he named, Corinth Makeup Brush Song 😂