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How I Dress Up When I'm On My Period

When I'm on my period, the last thing on my mind is to go out. If I had a choice, I would just stay at home the entire time I'm on the red dot, but sometimes, life calls you out of bed! When I do have to dress up, I have a formula with my outfits and it's very simple: wear something that covers the butt. 😂 

Being on the "time of the month" is the most uncomfortable feeling ever, you ladies know, so when I pick out my clothes, I make sure that comfort is the number one priority.


• Stretchy leggings
• Long tops that hang just below the butt (to hide the ugly panty & pad lines)
• If I don't have a long shirt, I wear shorts over my leggings (to hide the ugly panty & pad lines 😂 ) This is my signature look I guess, and my favorite trick in my period book. Haha. If you are from Ascend, you know. 
• That's basically it, and I just mix and match my clothes so it doesn't look like I'm repeating my clothes. #bloggersonabudget

Since I'm currently living in the fall season, I make sure that I wear clothes that will keep me warm as well. It doesn't look it, but I actually have a thermal underneath my faux leather leggings. When it comes to the cold season, layering is key. You'll see below how cozy I look while still looking stylish.

I love my olive green turtle neck, so you'll see me style and wear it more and more. Then for extra warmth, I paired it with my new chunky cardigan. I love that it's long and it's like a blanket on your body... so cozy! Also, picking out the right pair of shoes and purse is very essential; those two parts of your outfit can make or break your entire look. Since I wanted this outfit to look more on the "dressier" side, I chose black and gold for my accessories (what's new? haha). The heeled booties really added the sophisticated touch to my outfit, and my huge satchel purse tied the whole look together, making me look profesh.

BONUS TIP: If you're trying to slay an ootd and you couldn't be bothered with makeup, just grab your biggest and most stunning pair of sunglasses. It does a great job at hiding your tired eyes. Just swipe on some lipstick and you're good to go!💄


Olive Turtle Neck (thrifted)
Faux Leather Leggings (eBay)
Invisible thermal 😂 (Joe Fresh)
Black Lace Shorts (gifted to me by Jorge's mom)
Chunky Long Cardigan (Forever21)
Boots (
Purse (
Necklace (Oliveyew)
High Key (Quay Australia)
• On my lips: Ziggie (ColourPop)


How about you gals? What's your go-to outfit when you're on your period? Do you do my "shorts and leggings" trick too? Let me know in the comment box below!


Disclaimer: Photos taken by Jorge // edited by moi