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How I Style: Short Dresses

It's already been feeling like summer here in Whitehorse and I couldn't be happier! I've been longing for this warm season and I am so ready for it!

For me, summer means ice cream, sunlight until midnight, walks and drives in the outdoors and of course, cute summer outfits! I like that during this month, I can ditch my thermals and finally show some skin, aka, my legs. I need as much sunlight to hit my skin as possible. I like to wear short dresses, especially the ones that have floral prints on them, like the dress I'll be featuring on this post.

Short dresses are must-haves this summer season and I'm going to show you 4 ways on how you can style them! 

On this post, I'll be mainly sharing with you the way I style my short dresses. I am a very conservative person when it comes to my clothing and wearing super short dresses can be a little challenging for me. I feel like if I step outside of the house wearing something extremely short, guys will start staring at my legs and think dirty thoughts. Seriously, this is the main reason why I have to tweak my outfits a little bit so I can feel more comfortable flaunting my short dresses. 

I will show you how I cover myself up, but not too much, only enough to make me feel comfortable wearing my short dresses, after all, it's summer! Time to bust the shorties out!




One easy way to wear your short dresses is to pair it with your favorite pair of jeans, in my case, my very stretchy Rockstar ones from Old Navy! For this look, I chose a relaxed/rugged-looking jeans to balance out the femininity of the dress. If you don't want to look too glam or dolled up, wearing jeans underneath your cute dress will do the trick, it will really tone down your outfit. It's very rare that short dresses have pockets and I like keeping my phone in my pocket, so jeans come really handy with this. Last but not least, I like wearing jeans when I know I'll be very mobile that day, meaning, I will be able to bend down easily, run, jump, climb, whatever,  and not worry about the whole world seeing my beautiful legs and flower garden. HAHA. 

Dress: Fab (Philippine Brand) I've had this dress for almost 5 years now! 
Jeans: Old Navy



If you are like me, then using a draped cardigan would be your favorite thing to do when you want to cover up because not only does it cover your arms, it also covers your legs too, perfect to pair with your short dresses! This is the second time I use my Divided draped cardigan on an OOTD post because I love it so much! I love how it falls flat but is still slightly flowy on me. It is made with a slightly heavy material which gives the cardigan a nice fluid flow to it with my every move. It covers me in all the right places and at the same time, it keeps me warm for those extra chilly days. 

Draped Cardigan: Divided by H&M
Shoes: Forever 21



If wearing a cardigan is too warm for you, especially if you live in Asia, do it the 90's way! Grab your favorite jacket or long-sleeved top and tie it around your waist. I borrowed my husband's long-sleeved shirt for this look. It's long enough to cover up my behind and it adds character to the outfit. 

Shirt: Borrowed from the Husband



If you are very confident about wearing short dresses, then skip the first three suggestions! For that extra security though, just wear super short shorts underneath your dress, it's common sense girls. Haha. We don't want guys to see what they want to see. Let's still leave room for curiosity! ;) What I also like to do is to use a cross-body bag that's long enough to cover my bum. It will also weigh your dress down so it won't do a MARILYN on you!

HAT: WalMart
Purse: Forever 21

So, there you have it! 4 ways on how to style short dresses! Let me know which look you would go for! Are you the confident type, or are you like me who also likes to cover up? I want to know! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you found it helpful! 

All photos were taken and edited by my husband, Jorge. Location: Long Lake