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How I Style: Summer to Fall Wardrobe Transition

It's that time of the year already! Leaves are changing colours, fallen leaves are starting to get crunchy and the air has gotten a lot chillier, it's autumn! I love this season not only because my surroundings are starting to look like a painting everywhere I turn, but also because it's the perfect time to start wearing boots again, start layering up fabric and just start looking "fresh". Summer has finally said goodbye and it's time for us to embrace the new season.

With that, I think it's a little challenging to transform our usual summer wardrobe into outfits that would be appropriate for the cold weather. On today's post, I will show you how I transformed my body con dress that is perfect for the summer season, into something I could totally wear this fall.

/ /  SUMMER  / /

Summer is all about florals and lightweight clothes, so for the summer look, I borrowed this black kimono with floral patterns from my sister's closet and wore it to make my dress look more casual, and wore a white straw fedora hat to match with the white flowers on the kimono. Also, summer is all about showing them legs off and our cute little toes so I wore my very stylish pumps from JustFab.

The trick to transition this look into autumn is to switch up the texture and materials of your clothes. 

/ /  AUTUMN  / /

Nothing screams "FALL!" better than scarves, warm and cozy cardigans and boots, so that's exactly what I wore to transition my black dress into fall. You might be tired of seeing my draped cardigan but I just think it's perfect to wear to keep myself warm. I also wrapped my grey Forever21 scarf around my neck for extra warmth. To finish up my fall look, I of course had to wear my new favorite pair of booties which I got from Justfab, then I topped it off with my new love, my felt hat from Joe Fresh. 

Sorry but this ain't their PSL. Not a fan of that drink. White mocha forever!

Sorry but this ain't their PSL. Not a fan of that drink. White mocha forever!

What's your favorite Starbucks drink? Also, which one's your favorite season? I love the "Christmas" season, especially in the Philippines but I HATE winter, and you guys, #winteriscoming.

// Photos by Jorge Suarez //

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