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How I Styled my Jumpsuit

Now that it's officially Spring, I can finally bust out all of my floral ensembles that have not been worn for such a long time because, hello, winter. I think that our warm weather's here to stay and I'm very excited for all the snow to melt away (I didn't mean for that to rhyme)! No snow means no mud, and no mud means I can finally wear shoes that aren't boots, and warm weather means I can finally put on all the cute clothes I have! Okay not all, but in this blog post, I wore my Forever 21 jumpsuit and I'm going to share with you how I styled it, or rather, how I style jumpsuits in general.

I love jumpsuits/onesies that every time I'm on Forever 21's website, I always go to that section and browse until I've seen every single style on their site. They have so many styles to choose from and I feel like they all fit my style. Today, I'm gonna be showing you ways on how I style my long jumpsuit (I don't know what else to call it help?).

- Denim Vibe -

jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Denim jacket: thrifted // shoes: Converse // Backpack: JustFab // necklaces: // Locket:

This jumpsuit has a very feminine look and silhouette to it and sometimes, when I don't feel really girly, I tone this piece down with a denim jacket. Denim has this very casual look and I love how it turned this girly jumpsuit into a more laid back piece. Also, this jumpsuit doesn't have sleeves and I'm very conscious about my arms so wearing a denim jacket has been a favorite "defense mechanism" of mine. HAHA.

- plain tee -

jumpsuit: forever 21 // t-shirt: DIY-ed // shoes: converse // hat: walmart // Necklaces: // locket:

This is another nice way of toning down this jumpsuit. Wearing a shirt over the jumpsuit immediately gives it a casual vibe. I just wore a cropped black plain t-shirt over the jumpsuit for that very lazy look. This look can always change, depending on the shoes and accessories I feel like wearing that day. 

- comfy and chic -

jumpsuit: forever 21 // sweater: borrowed from sister // Shoes: Justfab // Purse: Charles & Keith // necklace: // RINGS: Fresh Tangerine

On chillier days, I like to wear fuzzy sweaters over my jumpsuit. I love this look because it gives the jumpsuit a very comfy and light feel to it, compared to the first two outfits. I wore my favorite JustFab sandals for a more chic vibe and my Charles & Keith bag just tied the look together. 

- Dare to be bold -

jumpsuit: forever 21 // scarf: Walmart // Shoes: Justfab // purse: justfab // necklaces: // lips: milani's 05 red label

Nothing screams "night out" better than a set of pumps and red lips! For a dressier look, perfect for special occasions and nights out, I wore these deadly heels from Justfab; not only do they give me a few extra inches, they're definitely an ice breaker! Also, don't be scared to partner up patterns with other patterns. I love how my rose-patterned scarf matched my lips, and together, I think they made this jumpsuit look stunning.



I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. My husband took all these pictures and I'm really so thankful for his support and love! It doesn't look like it in the photos but it was very cold and very windy when we did this shoot. We kinda got lucky in picking a place though, because we were able to work with the walls where we parked the van. HAHA. No far walks to keep warm and to change outfits. 

Do you love wearing jumpsuits too? If so, where do you buy them from? Forever 21's great but I feel like here in Whitehorse, that's where all the teens buy their clothes and I don't like that "omg, we have the same clothes" awkwardness. I'm sure you know what I mean! Haha. xx