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How it Feels to be Hangry

Have you ever had those moments where you've got a million things to do, then all of a sudden, the littlest things annoy the heck out of you? The random questions thrown at you suddenly sound like the cries of babies on a plane; the slightest brush on the shoulder feel too intrusive. You start to lose control of your body and you end up hurting yourself because you're not thinking straight anymore. The stress levels are high, and you start to feel like you're losing your mind, like you just want to punch something, rip your hair out, or cry on the floor for no clear reason?

If you're not on your period then you probably are just HANGRY my friend. Is that even a real word, you might ask. The answer is yes. (I Googled this okay!)



adjective -grier, -griest1.
(jocular) irritable as a result of feeling hungry

If you are on your period as well, then don't you worry because I got you! Today, I'm going to share with you a few tips on how to deal with HANGRYness. 👍🏻  #EnjoyLunch 

Of course, the obvious solution is to eat. 😂  But I've noticed that when we do feel HANGRY, we tend to stuff ourselves with the worst kinds of foods, a.k.a., comfort food, because you want to soothe the irritability you've felt because of your hunger! I know this feeling all too well, and it has got to stop! This is not good for our bodies and I'm still trying my best to eat better. Here are a few steps on how I deal with HANGRYness.

1. Breathe

One time, I got so stressed out at one of our Young Adult events, I started crying and I was breathing heavily like I was catching my breath!. I don't know why I was doing that! Is that what you call anxiety? Anyway, my friend Bernard caught me in the midst of my crying moment and told me to breathe. "Just breathe..." And hey, I calmed down in an instant! When in stress, BREATHE! Right after I had calmed down, I was able to hear myself think again and I dealt with the issue at hand! Yey!

2. EAT

Now that you've pulled yourself together, it's time to fill that angry stomach of yours with some good food!

I recently discovered Lean Pockets and I'm so glad I tried them out! They're so easy to prepare that lunch is one less thing I have to worry about! They have quite a variety of flavors to choose from, and my personal favorite would be the Chicken Broccoli and Cheddar! What's great about Lean Pockets is that they're a great source of protein, they don't add any artificial flavors, and they use 100% real meats and cheeses! 

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If you've been around me long enough, you know that I gotta have my dessert after my meals! But since I'm trying to eat healthier, I try to eat smaller portions of whatever dessert I'm eating that day. I have a sweet tooth, so anything sugary makes me happy!

Do whatever makes you happy in order to get through the rest of the day! It could be a nap, a stroll, one YouTube video on how to do your eyeliner, a refreshed face, whatever it is, do it! I swear, it will make a huge difference on your day!

Be sure to check out Lean Pockets at your local supermarket, and don't forget to use this discount

What is your go-to meal when you feel HANGRY? Also, do you have any crazy HANGRY stories? I'd love to read them! Leave them in the comment box below! :)