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How To Glow This Holiday Season

This post was sponsored by wet n wild as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The holiday season is upon us and that means that there will be parties left and right! Thanksgiving was just the beginning and I’m sure once December hits, there’s no stopping the overflow of fun, food, friends, and family!

Today, I want to share with you a product that I think will make you literally stand out among the crowd! ✨

How To Glow This Holiday Season with Wet N Wild

GLOW THIS SEASON with wet n wild

The perfect accessory you can wear this season isn’t your bag, jewelry, clothes, or your shoes. This year, I suggest that you use your skin! I know that during the winter time, our skin can look extremely dull and pale, but with just a few drops of Wet n Wild’s Megaglo Body Luminizer, your skin will be the most talked about thing in your parties!

The Megaglo Body Luminizer is a great way to keep our skin looking beautifully sun-kissed during the brutally cold and ugly winter months. It’s super lightweight and not sticky at all which allows for a breezy application! It dries down smooth, and let me tell you, the glow will not go anywhere once it sets. The shade I picked up is called Gold Rush to enhance my skin’s natural yellow undertone. I do suggest using a kabuki brush for applying if you don’t want to have super glowy/glittery hands and fingers. I learned the hard way!

I love to use this for when I want to feel and look extra glam because it does add that oomf factor to any look! You can even add this to your hair and makeup if you want to go the extra mile! My favorite places to apply this on are my shoulders, collar bone, legs, and pretty much anywhere my skin is exposed! This product gives that beautiful highlighted effect wherever you apply it!

I picked my liquid gold at my local Walmart at the makeup/beauty section! It’s very hard to miss! Just locate the Wet n Wild aisle and you should be able to find it quick! This is a great present to give to the ladies and guys who live the “extra” life in your life!

What’s your favorite ✨GLOW✨ product?

Would love to discover your picks!