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3 Ways I Style My Cuddl Duds | #GoComfy with Layers

Fall is my most favorite season of all time for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it's the time I'm able to dress extra cute! Who else thinks the same way? Fall is the time for excessive layering, which I love! But sometimes, the more clothes I wear (to feel warm), the more uncomfortable I get! I'm so glad I discovered Cuddl Duds, because now, I can have the best of both worlds: comfort & style! 

I partnered up with Cuddl Duds and Kohl's to show you how I #GoComfy with Cuddl Duds in three outfits! 


I picked up this Stretch CowlNeck Tunic because not only does it provide the right amount of "basic" warmth, it also is already very stylish on its own! You guys know that I don't like showing off my (w.i.p) butt, so I'm really glad how this shirt has a high-low type thing going on. It's very soft and stretchy, and if only I owned this top in every color in their line, I would wear this every day until winter ends! ❄️

I paired the top with Cuddl Duds' FlexFit Leggings, which is opaque enough to wear on its own, and is also thin enough to be worn underneath other bottoms! I love these leggings because they hug my waist perfectly that I don't find myself pulling it up the way I do with my other ones. And did I say how stretchable it is?! It is so stretchable, it moves with you! If you want comfort, you need a pair of these leggings in your life! 


For some people, FALL equals FLANNEL. I'm one of those people so it's no surprise that I'm layering my Cuddl Duds pieces with my husband's plaid shirt. 

TIP OF THE DAY: If you are running out of shirts to wear, raid your husband/boyfriend's closet! I'm sure you'll find a few pieces you can incorporate in your outfits! 👍🏻

Since I'm that friend who can't really handle the cold, the warmer I can dress up, the better, so for this outfit, I layered up even more with this super soft scarf from Cuddl Duds as well! If you have a Kohl's around you, go get in your car right now, drive to it, and feel this bundle of softness! I'm warning you though, it will be so hard to get your hands off it, you might end up taking it home! 


To wrap up this outfit roundup, we are going for the comfy night out look! With Cuddl Duds, you can look fabulous without compromising comfort! For this outfit, I layered my Cuddl Duds combo with my leather jacket, which also adds a decent amount of warmth. To complete the look, I wore my "night-out-booties" and my favorite bucket bag.

Be sure to visit Kohl's or check out their website to see how you can #GoComfy with Cuddl Duds this fall and winter! I really enjoyed styling their pieces so I'm sure you will too! 

How do you stay comfy during the colder months? Let me know! Also, which outfit reflects your style the most? I would love to know!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds/ Kohl's but as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine. :)
Photos taken by my awesome husband, Jorge; edited by moi.