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How To Really Know Someone | 09

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41. What activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy watching tv shows, youtube videos and movies! I also love playing around with makeup and taking photos of my face because that's what a "beauty blogger" is supposed to do.😂 Anything blog/YouTube channel related, I enjoy doing. That involves taking a ton of photos, editing them, recording footage for videos and editing those as well. And then my shoulders and back end up hurting after sitting in front of the computer for hours. 😭  #worthit

42. Would you place education as a top priority?

Nope. I believe education is important but I'd place God as my top priority. To always seek Him first before anything else. To always want to be closer to Him. If I'm fully aligned with what God has planned for me, everything else will just fall into place. Still working on this everyday though. It's not an easy task, but I'm trying my best! Thank God for grace! 🙏🏼

43. If you had a Death Note, would you use it?

I've heard about this Death Note thing but I have no idea what it is. I'm not even going to pretend I know how to answer this because even though I googled it, I still don't know what it is and how it works. HAHA. Should I read/watch this manga? 🤔  Am I a loser yet? 

44. How do you feel about your gender? Does the normal male/female suit you? How much do you act like your supposed sex/gender?

Sometimes, I hate being a woman. You know exactly when I feel that way.🔴  But I believe being a women suits me. I can't imagine a male Corinth because I am a girly girl. 

45. What things have made you cry in the past?

Too many to mention...😂  Remember how we answered our elementary school slam books? HAHA. To name a few things that have caused my eyes to water and my face to turn red are the following:

• The Land Before Time - when Little Foot's parents died. OMG. HUHUHUHU. I JUST CAN'T
• Understanding how much God loves me. How amazing is His love?! 🙏 🏼😭
• Death in the family - my parents, my grandmothers
• Death of a friend
• Death of a pet
• Movies - My Sister's Keeper (I watched this with my mom when she was fighting with cancer herself. Why LORD! Cancer freaking sucks!), A few Nicholas Sparks films, Warrior (OMG), Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out, Passion of the Christ (especially during the part where they were torturing Jesus (Like what the heck?!!! That's my God, that's my saviour you're lashing! STOP!!! I love that man, stop killing him! HUHUHU) and there's so many more movies I just can't remember right now. Of course, the movie adaptations of the books that made me cry.
• Books - The Time Traveler's Wife (that book broke my heart!), The Fault In Our Stars (curse you cancer 😭 ), After Dark, and more, which again, I cannot remember right this second. 
• Blood, cuts and wounds
• Breakups
• and more.... 

I'm a crybaby. If I see someone crying, even if that person's a stranger, I will most definitely end up crying. It's just so easy for me to cry because I'm so sensitive. I think I can be an actress.😂  I even cried watching Sailor Moon when Nephrite died! #noshame