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I Started Vlogging Again

So I started doing this thing again, where I carry my camera around, and I talk to it and stuff, and it seems like some of you are really enjoying it so I'm going to keep doing it! 

Vlogging is so much more fun than creating makeup videos, so I think I'm going to incorporate more vlogs than beauty related stuff on my channel from now on. I will still create makeup videos from time to time, but it won't be the backbone of my channel anymore. I mean, my brand name is "Explore with Corinth", might as well live up to its name right?

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My most recent VLOGS:

My most recent BEAUTY videos:

Let me know what you want to see next! I've been wanting to do a Q&A so please send in your questions! Ask me ANYTHING! I want Jorge to be in the video to answer questions too. :)

You can submit your questions here!