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I'm Twenty-Six!

Exactly a month from today, I turned 26. I still feel like I'm 20, only, with more responsibilities.

I had a really chill birthday lunch with Jorge. I have been craving for Japanese food for months and I finally got my sushi fix on my birthday. The free miso soup they always give out hits, and I love how it always tastes the same anywhere I go. We ordered shrimp tempura for appetizer and I had a beef teriyaki bento for my main meal. We then stuffed ourselves with sushi rolls! I love Japanese cuisine and if only it was cheaper, I'd eat sushi all day everyday. 

After our meal, Jorge took me shopping! I included my birthday haul video in this post so you can just watch me show you the things I got. HAHA. I showed the items I got from both the mall and online. But hey, Jorge didn't stop there!

On June 12, Jorge got me another present which is my favorite out of all the things he got me. He bought me a Canon 70D!!! He knew how much I wanted my own camera and how much I wanted a camera that auto-focuses to make my YouTube life so much easier, so he did his research and he got me the camera I needed (that was within our budget). It's not a full frame camera like his Canon 6D, but with a wide lens, it's PERFECT! I knew that he was getting me that camera; I just wasn't expecting to get it this soon. 

Now that I have my own "baby", I'll be able to film as much as I want to (sometimes Jorge uses the 6D for work and that leaves me nothing to use for my "filming days")! I have everything I NEED forrealz, and hopefully, once I learn how to manage my time properly, I'll be uploading videos like crazy! 

To those who remembered and greeted me on my birthday, thank you so much! To my OG readers since 2009, thanks for your continuous support, and know that I appreciate each and every one of you! To my new readers, thanks for stopping by and I hope that you stay awhile. And lastly, to my wonderful husband, happy 1 year and 11 months of marriage. Thank you for always supporting me, and for encouraging me to do what I love, which is this, blogging and creating "makeup"  videos. 💖