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I've Allowed Myself To Be Lazy and I Hate It!

Thanks to social media, I don't really need to write up an entire blog post about me getting sick these past few days. At this point, you already know what I've been going through. But it's been a week since the last time I posted on here, and I feel like I owe my blog some quality time, so here I am.

This past weekend, I got sick. I hate it when this happens to me, but I'm kind of used to it already. I remember back in the Philippines, I used to get the sniffles ALL THE TIME that I always carried a roll of toilet paper in my bag. How cute right? I had no shame though. It was either that, or I end up going home with a very damp handkerchief. Remember them hankies? I know, those were the days. But this is what I hate the most about being sick: I always end up feeling so sorry for myself that my body just somehow auto-deteriorates, causing me to simply shut off from responsibilities. In simpler words, I GET SO LAZY and I HATE IT!

I thought that writing my tasks for this week in my bullet journal would hold my sick and lazy body accountable to them, but oh no no. My body has simply ignored every word my hand wrote in my bujo. I hate that. I hate that my body is so disobedient. I hate that I'm so weak when I'm sick, that I allow myself to NOT do anything at all! Our room is a huge mess right now, and I felt so bad when Jorge had to wash his soccer clothes himself on Sunday, because I forgot to do them, because I was so busy being sick! And I think it all really comes down to me being selfish. Me, allowing myself to "heal first" then do stuff. Me putting myself first before the needs of my husband. My body deserves a spanking right now, and no, not in the kinky way. It pains me that I haven't exactly been wifey-material these past few days and things have got to change now.

I upgraded! No more toilet paper rolls, real tissue na! Haha

I upgraded! No more toilet paper rolls, real tissue na! Haha

Thank God, I'm feeling so much better! That's one reason why I'm able to type all of this out right now. My cough has worsen though, and it's the dry kind which hurts! And somehow, I've managed to get my husband sick as well, so I've been brewing up aguapanela for the both of us! Today, Angelo, our roommate (bless his soul), made us chicken soup that reminded me so much of arroz caldo, without the ginger. It was so good, and it definitely lifted both our spirits up! I'm just glad that unlike me, Jorge is a fighter, and I know that he'll feel better in no time! I started on our laundry today and I'm so ready to take on the task of planning our NYC trip! Hopefully by the 24th, Jorge and I will be 100% OK. I want this NYC trip to be amazing! 


1. Taking photos of some sponsored Instagram posts.
2. Unboxing gifts, packages, and PR! Shoutout to Jae for sending me a set of Tombow Dual Brush pens, and to my sister Sarah for sending me a menstrual cup, which leads me to...
3. Talking to my sisters. Last night, we discussed about all things menstrual cup, and other stuff! It was good. I missed them. It's just sad that I didn't get to see Heather and Micah.
4. Watching the anime Ao Haru Ride. 12 episodes were not enough. Where's the rest of the story at? HUHU. It's sooo good that I feel the need to watch another romantic anime to erase the characters from my heart. The uncertainty of their story pains me...
5. Black Mirror. It's mind-boggling, eye-opening and creepy/weird all at the same time . Watch at your own risk. 


1. CHRISTMAS! My favorite time of the year! 🎄
2. New York Citaaay! 🏙
3. Traveling with Jorge again! This time, we won't be driving our car. We'll be traveling to New York by bus, and it's making me so excited! 🚌  There's just something about doing things outside of your comfort zone! 
4. Spending Christmas with Jorge, just the two of us, in the heart of the city that never sleeps! 💑
5. Finishing up work! I have a few lined up, and with the right mindset, I will be able to accomplish them on time! 💻

What do you guys do when you get sick? How do you deal with it? Are you the same way as I am? Or are you a fighter like Jorge? What are some remedies you guys take for you to feel better? Jorge's mom gave me a few chunks of panela last Tuesday and it's really helped us feel a little better. If only we had Vicks Vapor Rub...🤔  What are your plans for Christmas? Fill me in! 

H a p p y   H o l i d a y s !

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