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July Favorites

This monthly favorites post is very late, and like I said in my last entry, I'm not really feeling these types of content anymore. But for the sake of a few readers that still do enjoy reading them, here we are. I'll just take this as a monthly challenge to discover new things in my life.

I will be sharing my favorites this month a little differently, so let me know what you think. :)

July Favorites

Okay, let's start with the big elephant in the room, literally, but not really. HAHA. We got a new plant!!! He's all over my Instagram already so I'm sure this is no surprise to you. We named him Yoby, after Toby, and because he's a lot larger, we just call him Toby's dad. It's crazy how a plant completely changes the vibe of a room. I love how huge it is, and I've noticed that I've been spending more time in the living room since we got it. And note how big our little Toby has become. He's flourishing and I'm so so happy about that! Shoutout to our roommate Angelo for being a great uncle. HAHA.🌿

July is one of my favorite months because it's my wedding anniversary month. Although Jorge and I didn't really do anything special on our day, it still was memorable because it was the day Jorge took me to Michaels to buy fake flowers for props haha. Since our anniversary fell on a regular work day, I was on work mode that day. We had a late lunch at IHOP, my favorite place in the world, and then Jorge took me to a bubble tea place to buy boba in a lightbulb thingy. I have never gotten so many DM's in my life after I posted a boomerang of my drink. HAHA. I decided to keep the plastic container, and then we went to Michaels to do my fake plant shopping, and I LOVE IT! My flatlays have never been better, and like Yoby & Toby, my fake flowers give such a beautiful homey vibe to the room. And then the next day, Jorge went back to Michaels to get me a fake banana (?) leaf, again, for my flatlays.


Last month, we also did a little bit of shopping at Target. We got this gold grid desk organizer and I used it to store my sunnies and glasses. I was originally looking for the one that had larger squares, but the Target that Jorge and I went to only had this one in stock.

We also got some pretty paperclips, and I used them to hang my necklaces by clipping a few on the sides of the grid organizer. That's a quick diy trick for you. :)

Jorge took me to the sunflower field 20 minutes away from our apartment, and I'm sure you've already seen the photos. That was definitely one of the highlights of July because of all the great photos and videos we were able to take there. It was incredibly hot and humid when we visited, but it was all worth it! SEE: TRIP TO SUNFLOWER FIELD


Last month, I received the best rings and I am the happiest! In case you have not seen my post about them yet, click here!

I wrote a full review on the rings that I got, and I included an unboxing/review video as well. In conjunction with my rings, the nail polish that I wore the entire month of July is OPI's Chocolate Moose! I just love how pretty it looks against my skin tone, and it definitely made my ring photos look pretty! 

“A true expression of your love isn’t measured by dollar signs.”
— Tiger Gems

Now, let's talk about the things that I watched last month that I absolutely loved!

Attack on Titan is legit the Game of Thrones of the anime world (as far as I know). I regret not watching it sooner because it's seriously one of the best animes created of all time. I am so blown away by the storyline and the execution of each scene, and I'm so mad that I have to wait for the next season to come out! I know, the manga is out, and I should read it, but the pleasure that I get from watching, from a video creator's point of view, I can't really get by reading! Anyway, I highly recommend this show if you are looking for a great action anime with spectacular everything. 

DUN-FREAKING-KIRK ON IMAX! First of all, IMAX! WOW! Jorge took us and the fam to go see Dunkirk on IMAX, and that was actually my first IMAX experience ever, and I was shookted to the highest level! I couldn't believe what my eyes were taking in. I didn't think that experience was possible. And then Dunkirk. I've never seen a movie that didn't require much talking to convey a story. The entire movie was the story, and the feels and understanding of it was so strong that it felt as if I was dropped into war right from the first scene. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time, my heart pounding along with the movie's ubiquitous ticking sound. The movie was amazing, for a lack of a better word, and I highly recommend you seeing it on IMAX if it's still available. It's the only way to watch it. Jorge and I loved it so much, we watched it twice on IMAX. 🙌🏻

How was your July? Did you see Dunkirk too? Thoughts?
Let me know the things that you loved last month in the comment box below!