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What I Wore: My Recent JustFab Haul

Let me introduce you ladies to JustFab! JustFab Inc. is all sorts of awesome. It's my favorite online shoe and bag shop because they have all kinds of styles that work for any kind of personality; from cute girly to sophisticated, from casual to formal, from ragged to clean, they've got us covered! To read more about this amazing company, click here, or simply visit

I've already mentioned that JustFab is my favorite online shoe and bag shop. I have so many pairs of shoes from them; more or less 15 pairs! I also have 4 purses from Justfab that are very high-end looking. They're very affordable and they ship in one week which makes them more awesome than they already are. I also get a lot of compliments on my JustFab items so I suggest that you check them out!

If you go make an account, they'll be asking you a few questions so they can know your style and preferences, and every month, they'll present a boutique with their latest items that fit perfectly to your personality. It's shopping made easy! You are also given a choice to be a VIP member. VIP members get a lot of freebies and discounts so of course, I signed up for that. The only "bad" thing about being a VIP girl though is that every month, you get charged for one item, IF you forget to skip the month. It has happened to me a few times already and every time I forget, my item credit just goes up and hence, I get to post this Justfab Haul. HAHA. I can't believe I "forgot" to skip for 4 months! A few days ago, I made a Calendar reminder so I don't forget to skip month if I'm not interested in buying any of their new items. ;) Also because I'm trying to save up.

I'll be showing you the three pairs of shoes that I recently bought from them and one really awesome tote bag. All the photos are taken by my husband, Jorge.

JF Raye

When I saw these boots, I knew in my heart that I had to get them! I made a pass on them the first time I saw them though, but when I finally had to use up my credits, these babies made it to my online shopping cart. They're a bit similar to the Forever21 boots I have, but these are easier to wear, thanks to the zippers at the back of the shoes.

I've been really loving the black and gold combo lately; so simple yet the gold details give off an edgy look. It's also very comfortable, it has the perfect heel height. You can wear them with socks too, like what I did in these pictures since it's winter, but in the summer, you can totally wear these babies just as is. I know that I'll be wearing this pair a lot come spring time.


I've been wanting to have knee-high boots in the color brown so when I saw this pair, I knew immediately that I had to buy them. It has the perfect cut and fit and I'm sure once I break into them, it's gonna give off a really nice worn look. They're not winter boots, but if you don't plan to stay out in the cold for too long, these are perfect in and out and in boots.

It has a zipper for easy wear, and it also has adjustable belts if you have thick thighs. These are called the wide calve boots. If you're too scared to buy knee-high boots because they might not fit you right, it helps to read the reviews of other buyers on the website. And if ever you do purchase something that doesn't fit you well, you can always return them for free.  


The last pair of boots I'll be showing you is included in JustFab's Fuzzies collection. They're pretty much UGG knockoffs but they're very affordable and they keep your feet warm nonetheless. This is my second Fuzzy boots from them and I'm really excited to be wearing Tallinn in this cold season. They're high so I wouldn't worry about snow getting inside my boots, because here in Whitehorse, the snow can get a little crazy. They're light and very FUZZY! They're the perfect winter boots!


I've been wanting to have a tote bag in this tan color for the longest time because I've been seeing so many Instagrammers getting bags from Madewell and Fount. The influence of Instagram my gosh, but when I saw the prices of their totes, my heart wept a little. My barista salary can't afford them. I can't just splurge on a $200-$400 bag. I pay bills and spend on more important stuff (like burgers, donuts and cheesecake). Then eventually, I found this JustFab Montage tote and it made me so happy! They have a bunch of different colors and they're very affordable yet they look almost like real leather. But wait, there's more! This tote bag is reversible! YUP! You read it correctly! It made it even better because it's like I bought 2 totes for the price of one! It makes me a proud shopper. HAHA.

It's big enough for some books and a laptop so if you're a student who just wants to throw in a bunch of things inside a bag, this tote is perfect for you. It also comes with a baby purse that can be detached from the tote itself. You can put your keys in it, some credit cards, your phone and some loose change. It can even be your emergency makeup bag. It's pretty awesome! I love it! The only thing that turned me off about this tote is that it smells kinda funky. I hope the smell wears off after a few uses.

Each item originally costs $49.95, but since I'm a VIP member, I got them for $39.95 each, plus a bunch of discounts. Don't forget to check out JustFab because they're awesome and they won't let a girl down. They also started selling apparel and I love their new dresses. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and for sure, there'll be more to come. -CS

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post / photos taken by Jorge Suarez