Let's Go Somewhere

"Let’s go somewhere."

I don’t know when or how I acquired my wonder and love for traveling but all I know now is that I want to explore every inch our world has to offer. 

I hate airplane rides, I hate layovers at airports. I don’t like waiting and walking, and taking off shoes, and going into those metal hunter thingies, and being tired and hungry, and sitting beside smelly people and all the other kinds of stress traveling gives. Traveling can be a pain in the butt, figuratively and literally. But traveling is a necessity in life and most people fail to see that.

I’ve been to only a few countries outside my homeland. UAE, Singapore, and dun-dun-dun, Canada. That’s only freaking three! Does the layover in Hong Kong count? Hmm.. Maybe, so okay, I’ve been to only 4 countries outside my beautiful Philippines but here’s some good news: it won’t stop there. 

Right now, my main goal is to settle down and have a really stable life: a home, a nice job and hopefully, sooner than later, a husband. <3 I’ve almost got everything covered and it makes me really excited as I am typing this down. Once I have accomplished my life goal, I can really start mapping out my future travels. Why did I make sure I had ‘HUSBAND’ as part of my goal? Well, who likes traveling alone?

I’ve traveled alone for so many times and it can get really lonely. A book is always a nice travel companion but a book isn’t a person. It would be nice to travel with the love of your life right? So that’s what I’m going to do. My love and I will be explorers of the world! 

Home [a few days before ✓]

Stable Job [✓]

Husband [almost there!<3]

Traveling can be a pain in the butt, but it can be rather lovely if you do it with the right people. And besides, you don’t only get to travel to different awesome parts of this earth! You get to learn, you get to grow as a person, you get to experience things your mind has never imagined, you get to feel, you get to live! So, let’s go somewhere!

photos taken with my iPhone4 and Olympus Pen E-PL1 / edited with VSCO Film