Life Lately | 07

Life Lately | 07

Hello everyone!

It seems like ages ago since the last time I wrote a Life Lately entry. It's not that I have been busy or anything. I just gave myself a little break, if you will. Yes, I post stuff here and there, but I still really haven't updated you guys with what's happening in my life lately. Today marks my second month of living here in the United States and I think it's about time I sat down and told you guys what's up.

Two months ago, I left my life in Canada to be with my husband for good. So far, I'm really loving it here. Jorge and I are currently living in his parents house in the meantime and I feel really at home now. My favorite part of the house is definitely our room. It's small, but it's a big step up from our old room in Whitehorse. 

Of course, a new home comes with a new family. Jorge's family is easy to get along with and I'm really grateful for that. I love that they welcomed me into their home like one of their own children and they treat me well. Same goes for Jorge's friends. I'm just really glad that I am surrounded with good people. As for me, I definitely need to step up my "social skills". I'm so bad at meeting new people. 😁

I FINALLY HAVE A CHURCH TO ATTEND TO! Ever since I moved to Canada, I have not gone to a church that I knew I would love to be a part of and I'm ashamed to admit that the fire in me kind of burned away. Now, I'm slowly getting back on my feet. It's a small church and I think it's exactly what I need. In the Philippines, I came from this mega church called Victory Christian Fellowship and I was one of those people who just attended. Sure, I went to church every Sunday but I didn't make an effort to actually make a difference in the spiritual world. In my church now, I hear a calling for my gifts, whatever my gift may be, so I'm really glad to be a part of this church because I know I will grow a lot and learn more about how God can use me for the advancement of His kingdom. I am inspired by Jorge, I am inspired by my sisters, because they're all serving God through their musical gifts. I want God to use me too. 

You're probably wondering what I have been doing with my life. Well, I am currently unemployed. I thought about finding a job here that is similar to what I used to do in Canada but Jorge told me to focus on my blog and my Youtube career. To be honest, I don't want to go back to being a barista. I'd rather do what I love and that is to create content, whether it be through my writing, my photographs, my videos and/or my makeup. But like what I said in my intro, I gave myself a little break. I haven't posted anything "helpful" to others in the past two months. What I did in the past two months was EAT and WATCH and SLEEP. I gained a lot of weight but I keep telling myself that I deserve this break. Now the problem is, I don't know when and how I should end it. 

I do not miss my old life, that's for sure. But I miss the part where I had my sisters and Heather and Hunter within arms reach. Me and my sisters have lived together most of our lives and me leaving them was probably one of the most adult thing I have ever done in my life. I'm just thankful for technology. With Snapchat and FaceTime, we can always see each other whenever we want to. I'm also really glad that my sister Hannah started doing daily vlogs last month. I get to see my niece and nephew grow and my gosh, they're so adorable! Subscribe to her channel if you want to see some daily cuteness!

I am loving the fact that ColourPop ships FREE in the United States. I am obsessed with Chipotle. I love our bedroom! I love being with Jorge 24/7. I have been loving my avocado toast recipe! Never thought I'd enjoy eating avocados as much as I do now. I like that major shops don't close until 11PM. I have been enjoying Netflix! I've watched a TON of movies, I finished Hunter X Hunter and How To Get Away With Murder, still have three episodes left on Narcos, re-watched House and Gossip Girl, still in the middle of watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and now I want to start watching Making A Murderer. Also, we are going to Colombia next month! I love traveling to new places and I'm so excited to see Jorge's hometown. And most importantly, NO MORE -40ºC winters!!! 

Jorge and I sold my Canon 7D and my Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens and now we own a Canon 6D (because: FULL FRAME!). Jorge is still trying to get me a Canon 70D for my vlogs and makeup videos. I have my fingers crossed! I am very much in love with my Rose Gold iPhone 6s and my IKEA desk/vanity/work station. Lastly, I made a few changes on my blog and my friend, Jaicel, told me that the new look of my blog is so me. Do you agree? 

I think I got it all covered. I will be writing about my 2016 Goals soon and I will try my best to start filming some videos for my channel. My goal is to really grow my YouTube channel and it would mean so much to me if you subscribe and share my videos! I will try my best to put videos out weekly, so if you have any requests or ideas either for a blog post or a video, please let me know! I will try my best to do them. 

Okay, enough about me and my life. I want to know what you've been up to! Let me know in the comment box below or link to me a blog post you've written. I would love to read about you!