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Life Lately | 11

Hey everyone! It's been a while since the last time I sat down and just talked to you guys about anything personal. Monthly faves kind of count, but not really.

This Life Lately post is long overdue, not basically for you guys, but more for me. I feel like these types of posts not only allows me to open up more to you guys, but it also helps me reflect on my life, things I have learned and accomplished, future goals, etc. So without further ado, this is my life lately.

Life Lately | 11


  • Jorge and I, and our roommate Angelo renewed our lease for another year! Though our original plan was to move out and separate ways after the first year, we just love our apartment complex so much that we couldn't let it go. Renting a one-bedroom here is too expensive for Jorge and I, and since we still aren't having a baby any time soon, staying for another year with our friend isn't going to be a problem. The beautiful loft photos are here to stay, and I am so excited to decorate our home even more!
  • Speaking of home, we just got a new addition to the plant fam! Toby now has a daddy, and its name is Yoby! I'm sure if you follow my InstaStories, you have already seen it. IT'S HUGE, and it's beautiful! It fits so well with our high ceilings, and I love how it gave our living room a more tropical feel. HAHA. 
Yoby the plant
  • I know I wouldn't shut up about it, but I started selling my own Lightroom Presets two months agoPhotography is my second love after blogging, and editing photos is my favorite past time! I really had fun creating my custom presets, and it makes me happy every time I see your posts using them! I'm not going to lie though, the sales have not been doing great, but I'm still so grateful for the little I have earned. I will be working even harder to create more, and hopefully, this grows into a more stable business. As you all may already know, this website is my only source of income, and any type of support from you guys count!
  • Been discovering the importance of rest. As a content creator, I think it's harder to draw that line between work and rest since we work on our own hours. There's no set schedule, and it's actually the beauty of this job we all call blogging. But because I had no work structure, it felt as if I was working 24/7, but seeing no results. I end up binge resting, a.k.a., feeling burned out and uninspired, and it's seriously one of the worst feelings ever. Now, I started treating Saturdays and Sundays my days off, meaning I do absolutely no work, and though it's been hard, I say challenge accepted!
  • The vlogs are coming back in August, and I am soooo excited because Jorge will finally be an active participant! HAHA. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like you guys enjoy it more whenever he's in my videos, and I hated that Jorge didn't want to be in the shots when I was vlogging last year. Now, it will be so much more interesting, and he said that he will also help with editing so that's a big yey for all of us!
  • Staying on the video topic, Jorge and I have been filming short #ootd videos, and you guys seem to be loving it a lot! We will continue producing more videos that are more creative and cinematic, and I honestly cannot wait to see what we come up with.
  • Jorge and I celebrated our 3-year wedding aniversary! I cannot believe it's been three years since I married him at Miles Canyon. There have been so many challenges along the way, and seeing where we are now just blows my mind. God is so good and faithful, and honestly, if it wasn't for Him, this beautiful love wouldn't have been possible. I feel extremely blessed to be married to Jorge, and I'm so excited to make babies!😂 #realtalk #butwhenthough
    Jorge strongly feels that we're having a girl first but only God knows. HAHA.
  • Ministry life has been rocky. There have been so many moments where I felt extremely tired of everything. But God always refreshed me, and brought me back to my feet. Although this may sound extremely cliche, I have learned to let go, and let God. Every day is a challenge. "Do I choose myself today, or do I choose God?" I'm still part of the worship team, and we are all growing together. We still have a long way to go (before we can fully function as ASCNDBND), but I see God moving in us and through us more than ever. I have made a lot of new friends within our church community, and now I'm learning how to do life with them! 
  • Jorge and I have not yet travelled this year, and I'm craving for an adventure! We're still talking about Florida, and I am hoping it pushes through. I am just in need of a new scene, even just for one week! PLEASE LORD! So jealous of my sister who's in the Philippines right now. Kaso bumabagyo doon ngayon so ewan. HAHA.
  • And I guess I can finish this post by sharing how grateful I am for all the blessings I am receiving!
    the emails from brands, collaborations, sponsorships, and PR packages, the "free" clothes I've been getting, the millions of hugs and kisses from Jorge, the instastories of my niece and nephew, the words of encouragement and wisdom from my church friends, IMAX (haha), the ramen I ate last night, spontaneous bubble tea dates, the trip to the humid sunflower field, the likes, comments, and messages I receive from you all...

How's life been for you?