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Life Lately | 06

This is what's going on in my life lately:

  • I have been filming videos for myYouTube channel. I really want to get this YouTube thing going because 1, I enjoy making videos, 2, it helps me conquer my fear of speaking and 3, I can practice my skill in video editing. 🎥
  • I've never felt more exhausted in my life. It is true that emotions can really affect your body. I've been so stressed out with all this US immigration thing, trying to get my US medical exam booked, the flights booked and not to mention, getting the money for all of that. Thank God for baby sisters who are willing to help out the big sister. I've managed to book both my medical appointment and my flights, and also managed to find a place to stay at in Montreal for free! God moves in amazing ways and he led me to thinking about my family living there. I contacted them a few days ago and asked for a HUGE favor and luckily, they said that I'm totally welcome to stay at their place for a few nights! THAT REALLY TURNED MY DAY AROUND! ✈︎
  • It snowed a few days ago, but I'm glad the sun is shining again. I love seeing all the fallen leaves on the ground. I am so in love with Autumn and hopefully, when I get to Montreal, I get to experience their Autumn. Fall doesn't really stick around Whitehorse for too long. Winter is way too excited! 🍂
  • On my down time, which is all the time now, I get to enjoy my book. It's the book I mentioned in my recent Favorites video and I love it! I love Nora Roberts! I know that anything she writes is a hit for me! Also, real books > e-books! 📖
  • Having no Jorge around means less agendas. I end up staying at home all the time now. No point in going out, so that means, I can be in my pyjamas all day! 🌙
  • I miss my husband so much and it really sucks not having him around, but I'm glad I have some tangible memories that remind me all the time that the distance won't last forever; that I've been through this before and there's no reason for me not to overcome this present obstacle. Before, Jorge chased me, now, it's me who's #chasingmiamor. 💑
  • Camera, photos, this vanilla scented candle = all are giving me LIFE right now! ✨
  • I have not been very active on my blog recently and it's because I wasn't really feeling inspired to write. I'm very sorry. It's hard when you're still trying to cope with the changes in your life, and that's what I've been trying to do. Now, I'm feeling a lot better and I feel like my heart is in this again. I just need to START doing it! That's my problem. I'm the greatest procrastinator! I have to turn that around and just start being productive again! Don't worry blog, I'm here. 📝