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Life Lately | Vol. 01

Life Lately | Vol. 01

  • Jorge and I went to see The Book of Life on Tuesday Cheap Day! I've been wanting to watch that since the day it came out here in Whitehorse and I'm glad Jorge was willing to watch it with me and the best part was, he didn't fall asleep watching it! Yey! If you haven't seen it yet, go watch! It's such a good and funny movie!

  • While I was serving Beef Chili at work, I suddenly felt the craving for mexican food. I asked Jorge if he wanted to have dinner at Sanchez Cantina and I'm happy he said yes! We went all out that night; nachos, main dish, margaritas and piña coladas, coffee and dessert. It was all so good!
  • Jorge decided that he needed a haircut. Perfect timing too since my cousin's getting married in a few days! He be looking phresh! Of course, I took some photos! 
  • On our 3rd month of being married, Jorge picked me up from work and we drove to a place we haven't been to before. We discovered McIntyre Marsh. We took some photos but it got dark so fast! Jorge and I decided that we'll have to go back there someday during the day time. It was Jorge's soccer game that night too so of course, I went to watch. I met one of the players' mom and she gave me tips on how I can fix my hurting wrists. Thank you Malcolm's mom, my wrists feel a lot better now! 
  • The family, including Jorge and I, went to Superstore. We have food to cook and eat now. Also, Jorge and I felt like we needed to watch a scary movie so we chose to watch Evil Dead. Jorge really loved the cinematography but gosh, that movie's crazy!!!!! I was surprised I didn't get nightmares last night!
  • Woke up to a wet window and a snowy view. I was also so excited to do my nails today! So thankful for feelandflourish's tutorial on how to do our nails the professional way, at home! My nails turned out great and they feel and look amazing! Thanks so much Kaitlin.