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Life Lately | Vol. 02

Life Lately | Vol. 02


  • I love me some Sanchez! Sanchez Cantina is a mexican restaurant here in Whitehorse and Jorge and I love going there because they have the best nachos in town, also because I somehow always crave for their black beans. Jorge also loves their Piña Colada. It's just our favorite place to go on dinner dates!
  • My family and I were supposed to watch my sister sing with her band last night, but we ended up just watching the Harlem Ambassadors entertaining game, because my sister's performance got cancelled. It was kinda nice to do something different and to be around a bunch of other people. 
  • I love receiving mail. I most especially love receiving my Kinfolk! I finally got it today and I love the extra print slash thank you letter that was included in my Kinfolk package. I enjoy smelling my Kinfolk copies too. I don't know what it is with their paper but gosh, the pages smell so wonderful! 
  • My sisters and I finally bought a Christmas tree and I personally enjoyed decorating it! My baby niece also "helped" of course but we all know that she kinda made it harder for me to finish hanging ornaments (hehe). It's nice to have our own fake Christmas tree in our apartment. I also hung little Christmas socks on our wall. Each sock has our initials on it; Corinth, Jorge, Sarah, Micah, and Brian. We need two more socks though, for my sister Hannah and my niece Heather. I guess we'll just have to DIY some letter H's onto theirs. :)
  • Winter season means lots of snow outside and me wearing the same comfy and warm sweater all day on both a Saturday and a Sunday. Brrrr. I'm not washing this sweater on washday either! (yup, I'm wearing the same one as I type this)
  • Jorge and I went out on a spontaneous exploration drive a few days ago. We took loads of pictures and of course, I blogged about it.
  • I enjoy watching Jorge's soccer games now. I also record videos of him playing now. I'm glad I'm there to support him. I love him so much! <3
  • I've been so obsessed with rings lately! I've been coveting stuff online for the longest time and I finally gave in and bought some online. I can't wait for those shiny jewels to land in my hands! The rings on the picture are from freshtangerine. Check them out!
  • The Chocolate Claim, the coffee shop where I work in, recently did a name change and is now called The Claim. My boss felt the need to rebrand her whole business and she gave me and Jorge the opportunity to do their photos! I am so excited for this project. It's kinda scary though, because I've never done any food photography before but Jorge has done a food shoot before so I know we'll do fine. Pictured: Tourtiere! It's the best meat pie ever! My gosh. <3
  • On the Saturday after the Black Friday sale, Jorge and I went out to buy Tomb Raider for PS4. I am such a spoiled wife. I played it the other night and gosh, it's SO GOOD! I wish Jorge and I had our own TV and PS4 in our room so we can just play our games in bed.