Life Lately | Vol. 03

Life Lately | Vol. 03


Life lately has been pretty exhausting. Since my co-workers went back home to the Philippines, we're short-staffed by two baristas and now, I work 48 hours a week! It's been very busy at work too so you can say, I've been really tired mentally and most especially, physically every day. I haven't even got the time to blog recently that's why this blog has been quiet for a little while. Although this blog didn't really get any new content in this past week, I was kinda active on other social media sites/app: more specifically, PHHHOTO.

This is my life lately:

  • Life has been really quiet for me and Jorge. Ever since we moved out of our house to house-sit for my co-workers, our new temporary home has been so silent! Having no baby around gives Jorge and I both time to relax and think! We don't really get that at the other house but we sure do miss having Heather around (sometimes!).
  • One big CON about living in this temporary home is having to endure looooooong bus rides! 
  • Since we can't really borrow my sister's family van (because we moved out), Jorge and I have been walking all the time; from the house to the bus stop, from my work to the grocery store, from here to there, to everywhere! If we didn't eat too much dessert, we'd both have lost weight already! 
  • Since January 1st, I tried cutting down on caffeine. I haven't been drinking too much coffee and at night, I try to drink some green tea. It tastes gross but I'm letting it grow on me slowly. I'm sure I'll thank myself later on. I'm also working on getting my passport renewed,meaning, getting legal papers, applying for this and that, e-mailing this and them, money money money, and may I say this? Being a grownup kinda sucks. 
  • Even though we moved so far away from downtown Whitehorse, Jorge still picks me up from work, every day! He even helps me clean up the cafe whenever I do the closing shift. I'm just so grateful for this guy and for everything he does for me! I'm so blessed! Also, when Jorge saw that American Sniper was showing here in the movie theatre, we went and watched it. He has been wanting to watch that movie ever since we saw the trailer and boy, I'm so glad we did. It's such a good movie and I recommend that you go see it! Bradley Copper did an amazing job in that film!
  • Jorge and I decided that we should stop eating out this year and that decision led us to making home cooked meals almost every day! At our Riverdale home, we never really go with my sisters to do grocery shopping, but now that we're living on our own, Jorge and I have been visiting Superstore and Shoppers. It's been really fun! I enjoy shopping for food with Jorge. He also makes me dinner sometimes and they're so delicious! <3
  • I work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day! On a Sunday, I do nothing and I sometimes take phhhotos of the wall and my long arm shadow.
  • Whitehorse has been experiencing such nice temperatures lately and I'm really enjoying it. It recently just snowed heaps and it looks so beautiful! It's so hard to walk on the roads though because it feels as if you're walking on sand, only, it's so much denser that it's like you're NOT walking on sunshine, but still, so pretty!
  • Jorge and I visit our apartment sometimes because, DUH, we miss our baby Heather. She's growing up so fast! She sings that Toopy Binoo opening song, she sings Carl Poppa, she sings Chandelier and she's just so cute and adorable!
  • I've been baking and making sweets! Chocolate crinkles and pink cheesecakes, YUM!
  • Jorge and I have watched so many movies in the past couple of weeks! Some of which are The Great Gatsby, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Nightcrawler, Anchorman 1 & 2, and Silver Linings Playbook. We watched other movies but these are the good ones. You can say that we had a love affair with the couch here.
  • I have been obsessed with my dainty little rings lately! I wear them all day everyday! I only take them off when I shower. [*bonus* click on last phhhoto to find out what it is]

January is almost over! Isn't that crazy! -CS