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Explore With Corinth: Long Lake

Explore With Corinth: Long Lake

I've had yet another one of those very hectic weeks at work and last night, I actually kind of cried because of my battle wounds. I'm being overly dramatic of course since these "wounds" are only cuts from overusing my hands at work, but still, they hurt man! Being a barista in the Yukon can really be a challenge especially when one of your co-workers just leaves you without a choice, that you end up doing all of her work load because of her broken arm. WEEEE! I know, FUN! I even had to work 9 hours yesterday because I'm such a responsible staff, unlike her. Okay okay, I'm gonna stop complaining about how stressful my life is with work and I'll just start telling you about the good things this week.

What's so nice about living here in the Yukon is that after a very hectic and frustrating day at work, you can always drive to a place where you can just relax and exhale all of that stress in your life by looking and admiring God's breathtaking creations. 

On Friday, before Jorge and I went to Canada Games Centre for his soccer game, we made a quick and short road trip down this road we've always wanted to drive on. The sun was setting really fast but we're both really glad that we were able to get decent pictures of the lake we discovered along our drive. This place is more or less just 10 minutes away from our house and it easily made it to the top of Jorge and I's list of favorite quick getaways in Whitehorse.

LONG LAKE: It's where Jorge and I have both seen the most stillest of waters in our lives, three deer, a beaver (?), and Whitehorse at night.

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