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Makeup Monday

Makeup Monday

I know that most lifestyle blogs have this kind of blog series about beauty, style and whatnot and I thought it would be nice to start one myself. I am not a pro when it comes to makeup but I think it would be fun to talk about makeup stuff from a normal girl's perspective. This series is especially inspired by the ladies of FEELANDFLOURISH.COM.

So, what will I be expecting from this Makeup Monday Series, Corinth?

Makeup Monday would be a space where I will talk to you about the latest products I've been using, my favorites, my regrets, some tips, some how-to's, do's and don'ts, nail talk, hair talk; pretty much anything from the A-Z of cosmetics, I'll be talking about here. I might even post some makeup tutorials, showing you my face. EEK! Haha. It will be fun!

As the title of this series suggests, I will be posting makeup related things on a Monday. Don't expect too much from me though since I'm really new to all this "girly makeup stuff" and I mostly learned my makeup tricks from Youtube videos, but like I said, I think it would be nice for a normal girl like me to talk about makeup.

There will be a link under my CATEGORIES section called Makeup Monday for easy access on my Makeup Monday posts! I'll catch up with you guys soon! 

- CS