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Makeup Monday: My Sephora Haul

As most of you already know, I went to Vancouver for my passport renewal. It was also an amazing opportunity for me to do some looking around beauty products, but dundundun, I, of course, spent some money after the so-called window-shopping. HAHA. One of the shops I visited was Sephora and I just couldn't leave that heaven-sent place without at least purchasing one thing; I ended up buying 4! It's not a lot of items but it sure was very heavy for my credit card. I LEFT THAT PLACE SO HAPPY THOUGH! <3

It's really nice to now have some of the items I listed in my makeup wishlist post. These are of course advanced birthday gifts to myself, because it's not everyday I buy expensive stuff for myself, cuz I IZ CHEAP.

AMIKA Mighty Mini Titanium Styler

First of all, HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I picked this up while I was waiting in line to pay for my stuff. You know how they make this little path for you at the checkout counter and they fill it up with little items you don't really need but you'll pick up anyway? This little pouch was one of those things. I was like, "hmmm, do I really need this? Nah, but look at the packaging! Nah, but you cut your hair short right? This would be perfect! Alright alright!" And that's how this ended up in this haul. 

This styler is very small, perfect for short hair, bangs, touch-ups and face-framing curls. It has titanium plates so it won't tug on the hair, like most cheap flat irons do. It's travel size, and it comes with this super awesome psychedelic pouch! I can't wait to use it! 


I originally just picked up the Better Than Sex Mascara, but while I was paying for it, the guy assisting me with my payment told me to just get this Twice the Drama instead. He explained to me that it's also a full size Better Than Sex mascara and it comes with an eyeliner as well, for the same price! I was sold! Thank God for amazing Sephora staff right? <3 I've heard great things about this mascara, I hope it won't disappoint me. 

This mascara claims to be really volumizing with an hour-glass shaped brush that both separates and curls the lashes. It also claims to be smudge-proof so we'll see about that!

The Perfect Eyes Waterproof eyeliner claims to be, duh, waterproof and also smudge-proof. It's a pencil type of eyeliner with a very creamy formula. I believe this is not the full size version of it because the full-sized one comes with a smudger at the other end of the pencil. 

TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette 

I've always wanted this palette ever since I saw KathleenLights talk about this. It is her favorite so just HAD to have it! They all say that it smells like chocolate, and let me tell you guys, they didn't lie! THIS FOREAL smells so yummy that you'd want to taste the shadows! <3

It's got 16 eyeshadows with a mix of both matte and shimmery ones. This palette is made from real cocoa powder, which has nice healing properties for the skin and does really have nice pigmentation! This palette should be perfect for any kind of look and the packaging is to die for!

The box also came with a little guide on how to apply the shadows. 


There's one very important thing I've learned about makeup and that is to color-correct before concealing/highlighting. I've tried so many kinds of concealers for my under-eye circles but nothing can really cover it up nicely. The circles around my eyes always end up looking gray! EEW! I later on learned that it's because I DIDN'T color-correct first! Before applying an eye-brightening concealer, we should first cancel out the blues and purples of our dark circles. I've heard good things about Bobbi Brown's color correcting concealers and I'm really excited to put this to test. I got the shade peach, perfect for neutralizing my bluish-purple under eye circles.

Those are all the things I got from Sephora. I'm really excited to test them out. I am planning on doing some first impressions on these products as well so let me know if that's something you'd want to read in the near future. I'm most excited about the Chocolate Bar Palette and the concealer! Makeup is fun! <3

DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored by Sephora. I WISH IT WAS THOUGH. Haha