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March Favorites

This post is a few days late but that's okay. March was a busy month for me, especially during the last few weeks of it, and though it was exhausting, my heart is so full of joy and love. Without further ado, here are my March favorites.

Corinth's March Favorites 2017


  • Evian Facial Spray - I wrote a whole blog post about this product months ago, and if you want to check it out, click here. I've used this water a lot this past month, and I FREAKING LOVE IT! It just helps with blending out my foundation and concealer so much easier, and my skin always feels hydrated after. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a water spray that disperses extremely fine mist.
  • ELF Baked Highlighters - ELF sends me PR packages every once in a while, and two months ago, I received some of their baked highlighters! At first, I didn't really use it that much because the powder didn't really give off any pigment, which was so weird to me. But when Kathleenlights told us in one of her videos to scrape the top layer off, I did, and voila, it was MAGIC! It's the only highlighter I used in the month of March because it gives a really beautiful glow on the skin, and it's not chunky at all! My favorite shade is Blush Gems.
  • KL Polish Das Esspensive - You guys already know that KL Polish is the best nail polish in the market (in my book) right now, so my ultimate goal is to have every shade they come out with, most especially, the ones that are liited edition!
    "Das Esspensive" is Kathleenlights' signature statement, and I love that she named her limited edition birthday shade after it. It's not available anymore, but next year, for her 26th birthday, Das Esspensive XXVI will release, and I cannot wait to see how that one will look. Her XXV shade is a gold glittery polish which is opaque enough to use on its own. It is stunning, and I am excited to use it more this coming summer.


Mahi Leather Athena
JustFab Blush Tshirt Dress
  • Torani White Chocolate Sauce - The only drink I get from Starbucks is their White Chocolate Mocha, and I kept telling Jorge to get me this syrup on Amazon so I don't have to go to Starbucks anymore. That never happened, but one day, when we were at Safeway doing our regular grocery shopping, I saw this beautiful bottle of white chocolate sauce, and last month, I officially became my own Starbucks barista.
  • Maybelline "NUDES" bag (pictured in hero image) - Maybelline sent me a package of their nude matte lipsticks, and those came in a really nice nude pink pouch! It can be an on-the-go makeup bag, but I use it to store my pens, markers, and waterbrushes! Really love it!
Nail Art
  • Angela's "Birthday" presents - So funny story: my friend Angela thought my birthday was on March 24th, so she had planned this birthday treat thing for me on March 21st. She had already gotten presents for me and stuff, but she didn't realize that my real birthday is on May 24th! 😂  When I told her this, we couldn't stop laughing! We still decided to push through with the "birthday" date, and she blessed me with not only her company, but she gave me so many presents as well!!! She took me to her nail salon to get fresh gel nails (my first time by the way), and right after, we went and had Korean noodles (just like the one in Coffee Prince!!!), and I didn't have to pay for anything! 😭  She also gave me a bag full of goodies (pictured above), as if the entire day wasn't enough already! 💖  She gave me my new favorite hoodie, my watercolor set, as well as the water brushes (that I have been using lately in my bujo), because I had mentioned to her before that I wanted to try out watercoloring! She also gave me a few hair products which Jorge loves as well! Haha. She's so thoughtful, generous, and loving. So blessed to be her friend!

    Products she got me: Heyclaire's Fingerguns Hoodie, a pack of water brushes, watercolors, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, Kerastase Paris Shampoo and Conditioning Oil
  • CStudio Beddings - I fell in love with our bedroom even more, thanks to my CStudio beddings! I got a new duvet cover, as well as a few pillow cases, and I just feel even happier now every time I'm in bed!
  • Amanda Lee - I discovered Amanda last month when I was looking for new bujo inspos. Instagram is saturated with amazing bullet journalists, and she is one of them! I immediately fell in love with her feed, and her bujo spreads as well, which I quickly incorporated in my own! She also creates beautiful and informative YouTube videos, so I highly recommend that you go follow and subscribe to her right now!
  • Mosaic MSC's Album "Glory & Wonder" - The album Jorge and I have been listening to non-stop this past month. A few of my favorite tracks are Across the Universe, How Beautiful, Tremble, and May God Be Everywhere I Go. But to be honest, the entire album is fire! Take a listen and just allow them to minister to your heart through their music. 💖
  • Back-to-back Church Retreats - I went on two weekend retreats this past month, and both were so necessary. I'm not going to give away too much, but all I can say is that I'm so excited! I really feel God working in my heart, and I cannot wait to see more of what He's going to do in me, and through me.

    Watch a quick recap of our Leaders Retreat.

I wanted to include 13 Reasons Why in this post, but since I only started watching it the other day, I didn't, because technically, I loved it in April. HAHA. I read the book years ago, and I absolutely loved it! I'm so glad that they made it into a tv show instead of a movie. I'm on episode 7, and I cannot wait to finish it. I already know the entire story, but it's still so nice to see your loved books come to life right before your eyes. I highly recommend it!

Tell me about the things you've loved in the month of March!