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Montreal | PART 1

I can't believe I waited for almost two months to get this post up! I am extremely ashamed of myself but here it is nonetheless. I will be cutting up my Montreal blog posts into three parts and I will also be posting a Montreal Vlog as the last post of my #CorinthGoesToMontreal Series. This will be a photo diary sort of post because I don't want to bore you with details of the trip so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. 

A little background story as to why I traveled to Montreal in the first place:

I received an e-mail a few days before Jorge left Whitehorse about my US visa interview. It was the only thing we were waiting for to be able to book my medical examination. The US interview was going to take place in Montreal and I am supposed to have my medical examination results by then. There are only a few US Embassy approved clinics in Canada and guess what, Whitehorse isn't one of them. OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS! Eventually, Jorge and I decided that I would go to a clinic in Montreal, wait a few days until I get my results back and then go to my US visa interview. I thought of it as a mini vacation before my big move to the US. Also that way, we wouldn't have to spend too much money flying back and forth cities so we did the last two steps in Montreal.

October 14 - Montreal Arrival

October 15 - Medical Examination

October 16-20 - *VACATION MODE* (3 business days was required for the results)

October 21 -  US VISA INTERVIEW *OMG!!!*

October 22 - Fly back to Whitehorse

So pretty much I've had a lot of time to play tourist while I was there and I will be compiling days into one post. I really enjoyed exploring Quebec even though I got lost a billion times! I even cried one time! If you followed my Snapchat stories while I was there, you know about this. Haha! I hope you guys enjoy looking through this photo diary.

Special thanks to my family who I stayed with the entire 8 nights I was there. When I asked for this huge favor, I didn't expect the response they gave me because of what I experienced in Whitehorse. They blew me away with their kindness and hospitality and I am very grateful for them. They opened up their home for me, took me out when they could and they didn't let me pay a single penny for my stay. I was just so amazed! Thank you Tita Rica, Tito Renz, Raymart and Tito Jun! I owe you guys big time! 😘

My Montreal Agenda:

We'll see if I got to do everything I wanted to do in my list!

  • FLY DAY -  As you will see in the photos, I flew in the morning. I had to wake up super early and if it wasn't for my sister who knocked on my door at 4AM, I would have missed my flight! Sunrise flights are beautiful! I arrived in Montreal at around 4PM and my family took me out to dinner and we just went home and I got settled in. I was so tired!
  • DAY 1 (First full day) in Montreal is my medical examination day. The examination took like 3 hours but it could have been way shorter! So much waiting! Anyway, after my medical, I just explored around the area, which was in Downtown Montreal. I also rode the Metro and the bus for the first time that day. They have this OPUS card which commuters reload to pay for their transportation fares. I got a weekly pass!
  • DAY 2 - Tita Rica and Tito Jun took the day off work. We visited the famous St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal, did a little sight-seeing at the lookout, ate our hearts out at this famous Chinese buffet in Chinatown and spent a few hours at the Casino. Let me tell you, old guys like me. EEW.

Before we get into the pictures, let me just say that AUTUMN in Montreal is so beautiful! 

More Montreal photos to come!

These are taken with my CANON 7D with a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens/Kit Lens and my trusty iPhone 5s!