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Watch With Corinth: Blue Valentine

MOVIE DATE WITH MI AMOR: Blue Valentine (2010)

WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED! This has got to be one of the saddest movie I have ever seen. I won’t go into details but altogether, the movie was amazing. The film look of the whole movie was just so great! My boyfriend and I really love the vintage look of the colors, the grain, the grit, and the direction was amazing! Anyway, these are some of the reactions we had while watching it together, 3,590 miles away:

Jorge: Gosh. I hope the girl is his

Me: Gosh, geez. You were right baby.

Jorge: Woah. Gosh.

Me: Gee, this movie

J: Yeah this movie.

    Who would do that?

Me: Do what? Abortion?

J: What Ryan did. Still want to be the father of a girl that’s not his.

Me: Well, I guess if you really love the person right…

J: Yeah that’s some strong love

Me: What the heck! 


J: Women

Me: Fair enough hahaha

J: The dialogue in this movie has been great.

Me: This is so sad.

J: So sad

    This movie is so raw.

    Watching movies like these is a totally different feel now that I have a girlfriend. Before I met you this movie would just be like, eh okay.