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My April Fools Day

Click the photo to see my April Fools Day Prank on Instagram

Click the photo to see my April Fools Day Prank on Instagram

So today is April 1st and we know what day that really is. It's the day of silly lies and jokes and pranks and foolishness!

At work, a regular customer came up to my co-worker and gave her something long and wrinkly and brown that looked pretty disgusting, which she found outside of our shop. Yes, she handed Michelle a turd! Good thing it was a plastic one! It looked so gross and real and it was funny that somebody actually placed that outside our shop to trick people! Guess who put it there. My boss. 

So later on, Michelle decided to prank the kitchen staff. She placed the plastic turd near the soup station and Ying, our soup maker was so shocked to see it! "Waz det?!!" They were all grossed out at the back while laughing, nobody wanted to touch it. Ying sprinkled pepper on it and what she said made us all laugh harder: "it's dry!!" HAHAHA. We just laughed and laughed! Then Linda, the dishwasher, has had enough of it so she got a piece of cardboard and used that to pick it up from the floor. That's when they discovered that it was a plastic turd! HAHA. It was so funny and we couldn't stop laughing!

That made me want to do an April Fools Day prank on Instagram and guess what I went for? An oh-so original pregnancy joke! So, on my break, I went on my Instagram and told people this:

I'm really excited to announce to you guys that@jorge.suarez and I are expecting our first child! 👶✨ Exciting times ahead!

I've gotten so many "congratulations" and many were really happy about the news but only a few people caught my April Fools Day prank and I feel really bad for those who believed it! My "#haha" and "#itsaprilfirst" hashtags got buried under all the comments! I know I know, it's a bad joke but I couldn't help it! I think it was really believable too because I am married and I guess people want me and Jorge to have a baby already! Haha! Here's the truth, I'm not pregnant. Not yet at least. No baby Lucas in my belly yet. Someday. 👶

Real talk:

Today marks my 3rd year in Canada. It has been such an incredible journey because my life turned from poor to doing well.

When I was in the Philippines, I didn't really have my own money and I was so used to receiving money from relatives that I was so relaxed about life. When I moved here, I was forced into the life of a real adult who works and earns and pays bills and doing all that grownup stuff. It's been tough, but my life has been easier compared to others, that's for sure, and for that I'm really grateful. And one more thing, if I didn't move to Canada, I wouldn't have met my amazing husband, so April 1st is a day to celebrate.

After work, Jorge and I went to a restaurant we haven't been to before: Bocelli's Pizzeria. Jorge and I really enjoyed the food there, plus, the service was pretty great. The interior's really cute, the light was gorgeous and I'm just so glad we ended up eating there today. We ordered a 12'' meat lover's pizza and a seafood medley pasta which we shared. It was perfect! Jorge and I love Italian food! <3


Today was a good day. I like April Fools. <3

How was your April Fools Day? Did you do pranks too? Did you get pranked by anybody? What was the silliest prank you heard or read about today? I want to know!