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My Baby Wish List

I'm almost at 32 weeks as I'm writing this blog post, and I know, we are really getting close to meeting our baby girl yet we still have a lot of things we need to get for her arrival. My baby shower is happening a few days from today, and though I'm sure we'll be receiving a lot of gifts from friends, I still wanted to share the top 6 things that I really really REALLY want to get, but not necessarily "need". 


This blush pink glider is something I really want to eventually get (for baby girl's future nursery), but it's something I can live without. I'm sure there are other cheaper alternatives, but if I had the choice and the budget, I would get something like this. 


This is a bonus pick for if I do get a Moses basket. This is a rocker that helps turn the moses basket into a rocking bassinet. Also, it's just so aesthetically pleasing! But is it actually necessary? No. But do I want it? ABSOLUTELY!


I've been seeing these Moses baskets all over Instagram and it's making me want to get my own! I know I won't be able to use it for a long time, but my goodness, how precious will my baby look inside it?! This basket is a great way to keep an eye on baby since you can just bring the basket along with you wherever you want to go, especially around the house. Again, it's something I can live without, but how Instagrammable will my baby look inside one, right? #priorities


I wanted to add this to my baby registry but decided not to because it's so freaking pricey! I know that choosing the right stroller/car seat for baby is extremely important and again, if I had the budget for it, I would get an UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Stroller. Not only is it stunning, I love all the features that comes with it. But right now, we simply just cannot afford a stroller almost $1k. Maybe someday? :)


Now this is something I included in the baby registry at first, then decided to take it out. HAHA. I've heard so many great things about this diaper bag. Not only will it hold all the things my baby will need, they have so many styles to choose from! But the reason I took it out of the registry is because of its price tag. The alternative bag I added in the registry is a lot more affordable. Will it be as good as the Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag? Who knows, but a diaper bag is a diaper bag isn't it?


Last but definitely not least, a Dockatot. This is the one thing that is definitely in my baby registry. I really want this because I've heard that it's a lifesaver! It's basically a docking station for your baby, which almost has a similar purpose as the Moses basket, but not quite because a Dockatot is more multifunctional. Not only is it more comfortable, it allows for baby to rest, play, do tummy time, and get diaper changes. I also heard that this helps babies sleep better, so that's a big yes in my mommy book. And like the Moses basket, you can carry the Dockatot wherever you want to go so you can be with baby at all times.