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My Bullet Journal Supplies Wishlist

As I use my bullet journal more and more, my obsession with all things BuJo just keeps on growing as well. Here are a few products that I want to get in the future that I know will help me be a little more creative with my journal.

Bullet Journal

I am nearing the end of my first bullet journal, and for my second one, I really want to get the actual Bullet Journal that Ryder Carrol created in collab with Leuchtturm 1917. I really enjoy using the LT notebooks, and this notebook in particular has three bookmarks, which I know will be very helpful for me! I usually have one string for my MONTHLY SPREAD, WEEKLY SPREAD, and for the third one, I really want to put it on my WORK PLAN spread.

• Watercolor

I want to step up my creativity game, and I really want to dip my toes into the world of watercolors! I have always loved the look of watercolor on other people's bullet journal, and I truly think that I can have fun with it! I am, by no means a painter/artist, but I believe that we all have different kinds of expressions, and I'm really curious to see how mine, in the form of watercolor, looks like.

Do you already use watercolor? What should I get? Any tips for the noob?

• Crayola Supertips

Saw my new bujo inspiration using these markers so I know I have to have them. I love the colors that they have, and they are extremely affordable! 

• Metallic Markers

Metallic markers just automatically upgrade your projects, whatever project that may be. What I'm really looking forward to using these markers/pens for is for writing over black or dark backgrounds. 

• Brush pens

I need more brush pens, because you can never have too many! I really want to try other ones that have different tip widths so I can experiment with different looks. The ones that I currently have and use are the Pastel and Muted packs from Tombow.

• Washi Tape 

I'm not a washi tape person, and I do not plan to be one, but sometimes, the cute little suckers do come in handy. I really want to start incorporating the concept of scrapbooking in my journal, and cute washi tapes play a big role in that department.

• Adhesive Tape

This is a great substitute to glue or tape because, one: it's dry (you don't have to worry about making a blobby mess or wait for your pieces to dry), two: it's thin, and  finally, it's very easy to use. 

C L I C K   O N   T H E   P H O T O S   F O R   T H E   L I N K S:

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Do you have a BuJo Wishlist? Care to share them below?