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The Cutest and Most Perfect Summer Snack!

As a blogger who spends 75% of her time in front of her computer creating content, it is essential for me to have breaks that not only help me recharge, but also are fun so I stay inspired!

Lately, I've really been loving snack breaks, and I've discovered the perfect one for summer! Today, I'm introducing to you My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream! #MyMoMochiIceCream #thisisMyMo #HowDoYouMyMo

I had my first mochi ice cream experience a long time ago when I was in Singapore, and I've loved it since then! I know that mochi is really huge in asia, so seeing that the market is reaching the US is making me really happy!

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is a premium ice cream wrapped in sweet, rice dough! It has the most interesting texture and form, and of course, they taste amazing! They have a bunch of flavors to choose from, and my personal favorites would be Ripe Strawberry and Sweet Mango! My husband loved Cookies & Cream the most!

It's been the perfect snack for me every time I needed a break from writing and/or editing photos! I would go down to the pool in our apartment complex to unwind, and would indulge on one or two pieces of creamy My/Mo mochi ice cream goodness. And because it is summer, it's actually a really good way to cool down too! Did I mention that they're so freaking cute?! Definitely "Instagrammable", and I'm sure your family and friends will be so jealous the same way our neighbors were eyeing my Sweet Mango mochi as my husband and I were shooting these photos!

If you've never tried mochi ice cream before, I highly recommend that you go try it today! I want you all to experience the happiness I feel when I bite into these cute little balls of sweetness!

FIND A STORE NEAR YOU and enjoy My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream!

NOTE: Watch out for the boxes with coupons so you can enjoy $1 off your next purchase!

Have you ever had mochi ice cream before? What's your favorite flavor?! I'm curious to try all the other ones!