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SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Review

This post is sponsored by SkinCeuticals but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

In case you didn’t already know this about me, I am a skincare junkie!

I believe that skincare should be a top priority over makeup. Based on experience, my makeup just looks so much better when my skin looks and feels amazing. You feel me? If you follow my Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me show my favorite skincare products a few times, and SkinCeuticals’ new Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight has definitely made it to my night time routine.

my new favorite nighttime cream

I was presented the opportunity to preview SkinCeuticals’ new product over a delicious luncheon at Kinship alongside other DC bloggers and influencers and obviously, I said yes! I’ve never heard of the brand prior to this event so I was very eager to learn all about SkinCeuticals and their new baby.

SkinCeuticals is a skincare brand that is backed by science so you know it works, and their overall mission is to provide products that help improve skin health! At the luncheon, we were joined by Dr. Smith-Phillips herself, a key partner of SkinCeuticals who introduced to us the new Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight.

The Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight is an overnight skin-refining treatment that helps accelerate cellular turnover for that beautiful bright clear skin when you wake up! It helps fortify the skin barrier, it helps improve skin’s overall texture and tone, it provides the appearance of skin radiance, and it improves the appearance on fine lines and signs of wrinkles! I have been using this every night for over two weeks now and my skin looks so healthy, radiant, and young! Don’t let the word “acid” scare you from using this product because its 10% free acid value is safe for nightly usage, and it also complements chemical peels and other skin-brightening treatments you may already be using in your night time regimen!

Skinceuticals Luncheon DC
Skinceuticals DC Luncheon
Skinceuticals Custom DOSE
Skinceuticals Custom D.O.S.E.

After lunch, we crossed over to attend the 2019 Annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. At the convention, we learned all about SkinCeuticals’ Custom D.O.S.E, a personalized serum designed specifically for your skin. I love this because we all have different skin types and skin issues, and having the option to have something created specifically for us is a brilliant idea! We each got the chance to get our skin diagnosed at the event and brought home with us our Custom D.O.S.E. It was created right before our eyes, from the mixing of ingredients, to the printing of the label, making the serum extra special! Every time I use this serum, I just feel a sense of confidence knowing that all the ingredients in it are specific to my skin's needs. This service is only available at select locations. Find one near you here.

SkinCeuticals is a brand I am excited to keep learning about because so far, everything I’ve tried from them works! I recently received their Vitamin-C Serum and have added it to my morning routine, and I am loving it! In conclusion, SkinCeuticals has been amazing on my skin, and I would love for you to try them! If you already have, I would love to know what your favorite product is!

Thank you Skinceuticals for having me!