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My New Glasses | Glasses Shop Review

I've always wanted to get a new pair of prescription glasses online ever since my old ones felt and looked crooked on me; so when reached out to me for a collaboration, I said yes! Not only do they offer a huge variety of frame designs and lens choices, their prices are very reasonable! They also offer prescription sunglasses and I think that's very cool! I might get a pair of those ones myself! 

The style I chose are the Beatrice Wayfarers in Black/Golden and I am in love with it! First of all, I'm obsessed with anything black and gold. Secondly, I like how big the frames are. And lastly, it suits my round face! I literally had to google "glasses for round faces" before I picked a style.😂  It's also very rare for me to find glasses that sit well on my non-existent nose, and when I first tried these on, I was very impressed, because it felt really comfortable and they weren't lopsided at all! The quality of these glasses isn't the best of the best, but for the price that you're paying, I think they're worth getting. They're great as an everyday pair, and I'm sure these will last long with proper care. I didn't mean for that sentence to rhyme. 😂

Here's the fun part:, teamed up with me to give you guys a 50% discount code on a pair of either their eyeglasses or sunglasses + free lenses (excluding frames on sale)!


Do you wear prescription glasses too? When do you usually use them? I usually wear mine when I do blog work, video/photo editing, and on days when I don't feel like wearing makeup. Glasses are a great way to hide tired eyes. AMARYT?! Haha. I can't wait to get my hands on more pairs. I don't know why I have this feeling that I need to start an eyeglass collection. 😂

Disclaimer: These glasses were gifted to me by But as always, all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own!