My Proposal Story

My day started with Jorge whispering, “Good morning baby! Happy birthday,” to my ear, followed by a loving kiss. I loved waking up knowing  I ’d be greeted with such a warm and loving voice from the person  I  love the most. It already was a better birthday for me than of last year’s.

WARNING: This is gonna be a very long blog post, but so freaking awesome so you better keep reading! You won’t be sorry you did.

Jorge and  I  then got ready for breakfast downstairs. The hotel serves breakfast from 7 till 10 and the clock told us it was 9 by the time we got up; we still had time for that free and very delicious breakfast. Just like the past morning, jorge and  I  woke up everyone to join us for breakfast and by everyone,  I  mean his mom, his twin julian and his 10-year old sister erica but for some reason, erica and julian were still sleeping very soundly that jorge and  I  had to go ahead to start on our breakfast. His mom said they’ll just follow in a few minutes. 

Jorge made me waffles because he promised he’d make them for me for my birthday and oh my gosh, it was the best plate of waffles  I  have ever tasted! I am blessed to have someone who’d make me waffles just because he loves me. <3

While we were enjoying this heavenly breakfast, I was wondering why Jorge’s family still hasn’t come down yet! Jorge said they were coming down soon but it was 6 minutes from 10 am and there was still no sign of them so  I  had to get up to make a plate for them because the servers were starting to clear up all the food. I’m glad  I  did because by the time they got down, all the food was gone! *yey to the dutiful girlfriend that  I  am haha* We all finally had breakfast together and it was really good! Then, it was time to go back up to our room to get ready for the next agenda of our day. I had no idea of what was going to happen on my birthday because  I  asked Jorge to plan our whole Toronto trip and keep it a secret so  I  wouldn’t know what to expect. Here’s a little spoiler alert: he planned this whole day so perfectly!

Before going into the elevator of the hotel, Erica asked for the key to our room so  I  gave it to her. She was always so excited for the key because that’s how 10-year old kids are! When we reached our door, Erica suddenly chickened out in opening our door so Julian grabbed the key from her and opened the door with me following behind him then boom! I saw this!


I was so shocked! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I also had tears in my eyes and  I  was caught on video in my awestruck face! They planned the whole thing! Haha. There were two gifts on the table. One was a paper bag from Jorge’s mom and one was the gold box from Jorge. I opened the gift Jorge’s mom gave me and  I  loved everything that was inside it! I received so many girly stuff and the maarte girl inside me was jumping in so much joy! <3  I  held the gold box but Jorge told me to just open it later on in the day. They asked me to guess what’s inside it. I just said: it can’t be chocolate because it’s so light! I don’t remember being surprised the way they surprised me and it made me very happy! I was having the best morning of my life! And then I told Jorge, “You have outdone yourself baby.” 

While we were getting ready, Jorge warned us that we might get wet at where we were going to and told us to bring a change of clothes. Of course,  I  didn’t wear something appropriate because, girls! I wore the dress my mom bought for me when  I  was with her in Dubai and my recent favorite booties from Forever 21. I looked very beautiful that day, according to Jorge. Hihi.

It was a far drive and  I  fell asleep in the car. Julian was driving and he had John Mayer playing and we all think that was the reason why we fell asleep during the long drive. No offense John Mayer, but  I  felt really tired! You sound amazing! <3 When  I  woke up,  I  kept seeing signs that read “Niagara Falls”. I turned to Jorge and told him, "I  know where we’re going." 

I was so excited! When we got to the place, we parked right by the Skylon Tower and Jorge said we were going up to see the falls from there! I got even more excited! When we climbed the elevator,  I  was the one next to the window and  I  didn’t realize that  I  was in danger zone! I forgot  I  was afraid of heights (!!!) and when the elevator car started its way up,  I  saw the beautiful niagara falls right before my eyes but  I  felt my knees melting before me! I also forgot that  I  was surrounded by so many people but all  I  could think about was me falling falling falling and dying! When  I  realized how stupid  I  looked with me nearly sitting on the floor,  I  stood up straight and turned my back against the beautiful view until we had to step off the elevator. I was so scared! Of course, Jorge’s mom and everyone else were laughing at me. Haha.

It wasn’t different even after the elevator ride! I felt so angry at myself for having my fear of heights. I couldn’t stand near the rails. So  I  just took photos from afar and asked Jorge and Julian to take photos of the falls for me.

After we’ve had enough of Niagara from above, we all decided to go back down to have lunch in the car and then walk down the park so we can see Niagara falls closer. We had rice and tuna! And since it was my birthday,  I  had ketchup. Haha. Yummy!

It was nice and warm that day and  I  was really enjoying myself. I couldn’t believe  I  was spending my birthday with my perfect boyfriend and in Toronto by Niagara Falls! I was so convinced that day that  I  was very blessed.

When we were walking near Niagara Falls, Jorge led us to a spot where people were lining up. I was confused because  I  thought we were just going to walk around the falls but he told me that we were going on the boat ride and  I  was like: whut?! Seriously?! I was surprised again! I didn’t think we were actually going to see Niagara Falls that close! That’s why he warned us about being wet. And let me tell you, it was amazing! I was having the most perfect day!

After the boat ride, it was the golden hour and everything around us was so beautiful. Jorge said we can just walk around for a bit to take photos because our dinner reservation wasn’t until 8:30 pm and it was just 6:30 pm that time. So we did. It was warm, it was golden,  I  had the most important person in my life right next to me, it was perfect!


When we were getting nearer the path going back to the car, Jorge started being cheesy and started asking me if  I  loved him and all. Of course  I  said yes and yes and yes to everything because  I  seriously am so deeply in love with Jorge. When  I  told him we were going the wrong way back to the car, he said to walk just a little longer with him. When  I  turned my back to look for Jorge’s family, they were busy taking photos of Erica on a tree. Haha. Erica’s hilarious! Then suddenly, Jorge handed me the gold box from this morning. (where the heck was he hiding that thing?!)  I guess he turns into a ninja sometimes. 

I asked him to take a photo of me and his gift. We’ve been wanting to have a photo of me and that gold box all day and it was the perfect time to have that photo finally taken. After having that picture taken,  I  asked Jorge if  I  could open it already. He gave me the green light so  I  opened the box. At first  I  was trying to unwrap it carefully but the tape was too strong so  I  just tore the paper off from the box! While  I  was tearing my way into the box,  I  noticed that it was a tissue box! A kleenex box?! It really was a tissue box with real tissue!

"Tissue?!"  I  asked as  I  pulled the tissue out from the box which then revealed a second layer! There seemed to be some socks inside the box and at that point, Jorge took the kleenex box from me and started pulling a square-shaped object that was wrapped and hidden inside one sock. And then  I  felt all the blood rushing from my heart to my brain to every inch of my body. Tissue? A small square box? Does this mean… he’s?

Then the next thing  I  know, Jorge had a little shiny box in his hand and he flipped it open before my eyes while he was telling me all sorts of  I  love yous and  I  want to spend the rest of my life with yous which were honestly all a blur to me because all that kept running through my head was "Whut? Whut? Whut?" and all that was coming out from me were the tears from my eyes. Thank God for the tissue! Then there it was,

"Will you marry me?"

I said yes of course, with tears in my eyes. I was having the best evening of my life! The love of my life asked me to spend of the rest of my life with him and that is such a precious thing! The ring looked very beautiful and the diamond sparkled the way it’s supposed to! I was extremely happy. It felt like time stopped for Jorge and I, for us  to live in that tiny forever for a few more seconds. When  I  was finally back to reality,  I  saw Jorge’s mom from afar with her phone in her hand, and Julian from our side also holding a phone in his hand and  I  immediately screamed, "You spies! Hahaha". I have the best future family.

The rest of the evening went beautifully as planned. Jorge had a reservation at The Keg and he made sure we had the window seat so we could enjoy our dinner with Niagara Falls in the view. It was magical!

May 24, 2014 is my favorite day so far. I went from being the birthday girl, to happiest girlfriend, to being the blessed fiancée. It’s only once that  I  turn 24 on May 24, 2014 and my perfect fiancé made sure that  I get a really memorable birthday. But to tell you honestly, this story and the photos didn’t give justice to what went down that day. This story doesn’t give justice to how awesome my fiancé is. I am just really so grateful to be loved by someone so amazing!

When you let God choose the person you’ll love for the rest of your life, you’ll never be heartbroken ever again. God can only promise you an abundance of love and joy. I can say that God really chose the perfect man for me and when Jorge knelt down on one knee, humbly asking my hand in marriage,  I  just knew that there was no way  I  am ever letting this man go.

Taken by  Julian Suarez

Taken by Julian Suarez