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My Skincare Routine

In one of my Q&As, an anonymous asker wanted to know my skin regime and I didn't really have an answer for her (?) because I didn't really have a skincare routine. As long as I got my makeup off (and most of the time it wasn't proper), I was good to sleep! 

Not long after that, I got so hooked up on watching beauty "gurus" on Youtube that I felt inspired to have an actual skincare regime because I realized this: "that's why I'm never satisfied with my makeup looks, I HAVE BAD SKIN!" My makeup application looked like crap and not so flawless,  no matter how hard I tried to make it look pretty, because my skin wasn't well taken care of! I was so convinced that it was about time that I take care of my skin first, then later on have fun with makeup. After all, makeup isn't all that fun when the base is all bumpy and flaky. YUCK!

When I first started doing my skin care routine, it felt like such a chore because I wasn't really used to doing all the things I'm doing now just to clean my face. Before, I would just use my makeup wipes to wipe off all my makeup, which stung my eyes so bad by the way, then after that I (sometimes) wash my face with a facial wash then I use a night cream and then that was it! One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to change the way I cleaned my face was because whether it was a good brand or a cheaper one, makeup wipes always stung my eyes and I couldn't really tolerate that anymore. I thought, MAN I don't deserve this crap! Now that I've developed a routine that works for me, I actually look forward to getting my makeup off properly now.

I've discovered a few products and a few new ways to cleaning my face and 1. they don't sting my eyes, and most importantly, 2. I've noticed that my skin has looked healthier than ever! 

The 3 steps to my skincare routine:

1. Makeup Removal

2. Toning

3. Moisturizing

This is my skincare routine in proper order: Coconut oil, Garnier Cleansing Foam, Neutrogena Toner, Benefit Eye Cream, Bio-Oil, Nivea Lip Balm

This is my skincare routine in proper order: Coconut oil, Garnier Cleansing Foam, Neutrogena Toner, Benefit Eye Cream, Bio-Oil, Nivea Lip Balm

step 1. Makeup Removal

COCONUT OIL- I use this every night for removing my makeup. I just massage the oil all over my face first, then around my eyes until all the eye gunk has melted off and I promise you, this thing works wonders! It can even breakdown my worst eye enemy which we all know as, WATERPROOF MASCARA. Plus, it smells yummy! After massaging my now scary face because of all that eyeliner and mascara, I wipe the oil off my face using cotton pads. AH! Much better! You can find coconut oil in your supermarket. If you couldn't tell already, I bought a gigantic bottle. 

GARNIER PURIFYING CLEANSING FOAM- Because I don't like that oily feeling the coconut oil leaves my face, I wash my face with this facial foam! This is the only facial wash I've come across that has never stung my eyes! It's really light on the face, it has a very nice smell and it doesn't leave my skin dry after rinsing. I love this product! I believe you can find this at any drugstore or supermarket. 

step 2. toning

NEUTROGENA PORE REFINING TONER- I've never liked using toners because they always made my skin feel dry. This product is a different story though. I've been using this for quite awhile now and I've noticed that it never dried out my skin. It doesn't even give me that dry flaky skin at the corners of my nose (eew)! It also doesn't sting around the sensitive parts of my face, a.k.a., blemishes and pimples. I haven't really noticed a big difference on my pores though, but I'm not losing hope. You can find this at any drugstore.

step 3. moisturizing

BENEFIT'S IT'S POTENT EYE CREAM- For a woman who has really bad and dark under-eye circles, I wonder why I've never tried using an eye cream. Now that I have been using this product twice a day everyday for a few weeks now, I see that my dark circles aren't as bad as before. It really hydrates the eye area too, which I think made my concealer look better and not too cakey or spotty. It has a hint of milky (?) and creamy scent to it, but I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I really like the smell. It has a thick consistency but it dries up pretty fast. It's a little on the pricey side though but I really recommend it. I bought this at my local drugstore.

BIO-OIL- I know that this is known for stretch marks and uneven skin tone, scars and etc., but I use it as my facial moisturizer. Jorge and I saw this at our drugstore and decided to try it out for our stretch marks. I then ended up using it for my face too. I've noticed that my face has really looked better and healthier after a few weeks of using this product. I use it at night, and I love that it keeps my face really soft and moisturized until I have to put my makeup in the morning, without that nasty oily feeling! That is pretty amazing if you ask me. This is a little on the pricier side too, but I highly recommend this product! You can probably find this at your drugstore too.

NIVEA PURE AND NATURAL LIP BALM- And last but not least on my skincare routine, my lips! I can't go to sleep with lips untouched by this product. I like to keep my lips moisturized at all times. Who likes dry and chapped lips anyway?! 

Do you have your own skincare routine? Do you have a few nice tricks to share? Do we have a few products that we use in common? I'd love to read all about it! Link it down below or tell me in a comment! 

Cheers to happy skin! xx