My Pinterest Home Board



If you have been following me for some time now, more specifically around Christmas time, you probably already know that Jorge and I are currently house-sitting for my co-workers and have been living in their house for two weeks now. It's been quite an experience!

Jorge and I have never really gotten our 'privacy' from the day we got married because I share a house with my sisters. When Jorge decided to move here to Canada to be with me for good, we didn't really plan on renting out our own place because 1.) it's very expensive, 2.) Jorge can't help me with the expenses because he doesn't have a work permit, and 3.) it's VERY expensive and I can't shoulder all our expenses. Did I say that already? hehe. So yeah, it's a ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY kind of thing at our house. It's nice because my sisters and I share with rent, utilities, internet, and it really helps Jorge and I financially, but sometimes, it can be a little too much. TOO MUCH in terms of doing house CHORES!

Nobody likes the word CHORE. It sounds so ugly too. CHORE. CHORES. CHORVES. CHORVA! Whoever invented that term should be the one doing all the chores in the world, for anybody who needs to be doing it, but that's only possible in another life, probably. THIS however, is real life, the one we are in, and reality bites! In this life, people (who are responsible) do chores. In this life, you have to work your butt off to have a nice, clean and cosy home. In this life, PEOPLE DO HOUSE CHORES. BUT. BUT!! In my life, people are lazy and at our house, it only stays clean for an hour or two. So when my co-workers asked me if Jorge and I could house-sit for them, we gladly obliged!

Two weeks have passed and I can say that Jorge and I are truly enjoying playing house. We cook, we eat, we never let our laundry get piled up too high, we watch movies whenever we want to, listen to whatever music we want to listen to,  we play around , we cuddle (lots) and most of all, WE CLEAN UP. This whole house-sitting experience has been really good for the both of us because we were able to spend some quality time together, just us two. It has made me feel really excited too! Living here has inspired me to become a better wife to my husband by ehem, doing house chores. HAHA. I would cook (Jorge too, he makes me breakfast), wash dishes (sometimes, because Jorge does the dishes most of the time), do the laundry, fold and hang clothes, water the plants and all that kind of stuff. But most of all, it has really made me feel excited for Jorge and I's future home.

I've been on Pinterest for awhile now and I created a home board where I pin photos of homes that are such an eye candy to me! Someday, Jorge and I will have our own home and it will be perfect!. It will be clean, bright and most importantly, it will be ours. :) So excited!

Here are some of my 'home' pins!

(i do not claim ownership on any of these photos)