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My Wedding

The #MiAmorWedding

"This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Thursday, July 24, 2014, I married my best friend and it is the best day of my life yet. We didn’t have a really big wedding but I’m really happy that though it’s just a civil wedding, it felt really big and special to me and Jorge. It’s the day we’ll never forget, it’s the date we’ll always remember.

#AlwaysMiAmor Thursday | July 24, 2014 | 5:30 P.M.

In the morning, Jorge and I still had to do last minute decorations at the reception venue so, we drove thru a McDonald’s for breakfast and went straight to hang our polaroid-sized pictures at our reception that added a lot to our overall decor of the place.

After that, we went straight home and I started doing my makeup. Jorge showered and prepared as well. I also got our things ready for our “big night” at our hotel room. ;) We left the house at 3pm so I could iron Jorge’s shirt at the hotel since we didn’t have an iron nor an ironing board at home. It came out as a blessing in disguise though since Jorge and I got pretty nice prep photos there. 

My sisters picked us up from the hotel and we all made our way to Miles Canyon, Jorge and I’s favorite place here in Whitehorse. We arrived early at the place and saw that some of my family were there already. Some of my co-workers also surprised me there! It was a pleasant surprise and it made me feel really happy that they were able to “crash” my wedding. Hehe. The rest of my family arrived minutes after 5:30PM and there was still no sign of our wedding officiator. We started feeling nervous but we just waited. We all just started taking pictures while waiting.

But there was still no sign of our marriage commissioner! We’ve been waiting for awhile now and my feet started to really hurt. We started calling people because she had been late for almost an hour now and Canadians don’t follow Filipino time so we really thought our officiator won’t come anymore. Thank God for tita Gina! She was able to contact Reneé and she came in 15 minutes! She was our wedding saver!! It would have been such a big bummer if we had to call off the wedding just because we didn’t have a marriage officiator.

We had a very short “ceremony” at our perfect spot. It was magical and so beautiful, the happiest moment of my life. At 6:55 PM, we were pronounced husband and wife by Reneé, a boat passed by and witnessed us get married. It was just amazing! <3

It was a beautiful wedding in the heart of a beautiful place. Jorge told me later on in the night that he wasn’t at all worried when our first wedding commissioner didn’t show up because he said that our love story is a story written by God and there was no way God will forsake us. God proved to us that day that His will will always be done.

After the wedding, it drizzled. We didn’t have rice for my family to throw over us so God provided tiny drops of rain from the heavens to wish us a blessed marriage. He’s so awesome! <3

Everything went well at the reception too. So happy that we had more than enough food for our guests, and we all had a pretty great time. I’m also very thankful for my family for cleaning up at the place after the party. They let us leave early so we can enjoy our one-night honeymoon at the hotel room. HAHA. Jorge and I had a great night. :) Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of marriage. <3

Special thanks to:

The Claim Cafe Food & Co for our very beautiful and delicious cake // Michelle (my co-worker) for my bouquets and Jorge’s boutonniere // my sisters for helping with the decorations and for taking our photos // for Kuya Gian for helping us get the clubhouse for free // for the Tajonera-Lopez family for the delicious dessert // my sister Hannah for baking the heart-shaped brownies // Gina Gonzalo for finding our wedding commissioner // and of course, to my husband for being the best man in my life because he helped me everything for our small wedding <3