Explore With Corinth: No Pain No Gain Vol. 1

Jorge and I have been talking about starting to live a healthier life this past weekend. We've been eating crappy food and we realized that our bank account's starting to starve too so we both agreed to STOP eating burgers, cheesecakes and all that gooooood stuff! It's so hard though, but it's a sacrifice we have to make if we want to keep our wallets fat and at the same time, stay healthy.

We're taking things slowly. We started to cut down on carbs ( well, Jorge at least. I still can't say no to rice and bread -_- ), and today, we finally went out for a run for the first time together! Jorge has been running for weeks now and today's the first time I joined him. Despite the chilly weather, we dressed up, put on our running shoes and went out with my sister Sarah

Of course, I brought my iPhone with me and voila, here are pictures!

We ran through a familiar route because it's where the city bus passes through and it's where I walked around from my previous wanderings and explorations. It wasn't easy! The run made my lungs burn and my legs ache, my knees almost gave up on me but Jorge kept on pushing us to go further. I'm so glad and thankful for having such a supportive husband. He knew very well that I wouldn't like this run at all so he did his best to help me keep myself together. 

The air was cold, and sometimes it felt thick because of the scent of the trees. I don't know what it is with the smell of the trees today but it kind of made my air passageways close up and that really gave me a hard time breathing; but with a few swallows of saliva and a little inhale exhale, I made it to the hill we climbed.

This hill is very special to me because this is where Jorge and I hiked together for the first time last year. We called it our H.P. which means, Hidden Place. It's not really hidden at all but if you're not from around here, you wouldn't even know that a trail on this hill exists. Jorge, Sarah and I climbed it all together and we were rewarded with another breathtaking view. It was beautiful and it was a nice place to have had our short rest.

This is only the beginning to more No Pain No Gain posts. I'm excited for this fitness journey I have with my husband.