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New York City | Day Two

NYC Day Two

December 24th

It's Christmas Eve and boy was it lovely to wake up in New York City! While locals bustle around, trying to get their last minute shopping done, Jorge, Julian and I greeted the new day with excitement and still aching feet. 

The night before, Jorge booked us three tickets for our bus ride home which was at 4pm of December 24th. Jorge also took the liberty of planning out Day Two of our New York trip which I'm very thankful for because I suck at that. Haha. The day turned out better than expected because it wasn't raining, there were no signs of fog, and it was unusually warm for a December day! We had half a day to explore the city and all we did was walk, walk, and walk. I realized that I wore the wrong shoes to New York and made a mental note of packing running shoes the next time I come visit NYC again. 

The highlights of our day:

  • Rockefeller Center (although we weren't able to go up because we didn't have time)
  • Walking along Seventh Avenue
  • Riding and getting lost on the Subway
  • The three men who sang on the Subway (you will see them on my NYC vlog)
  • Riding the Ferry at Staten Island
  • Seeing the Statue of Liberty

Here are some of the iPhone shots I took that day:

My DSLR shots:

OOTD - Day Two

OOTD - Day Two

After we got back from the ferry ride, we went back to the hotel to pack up the rest of our stuff and we left the hotel at 1 PM. At this point, our feet were just about to give up on us! 😭 We had lunch at Chipotlé because it's cheap and we knew it was going to fill us up in preparation for the long bus ride home. The bus left promptly at 4 PM and both Jorge and I slept through the entire bus ride to DC, which made the bus ride not too bad. We arrived home just in time for 12 AM and I experienced my first US Christmas, which was very quiet by the way. Jorge fell asleep as soon as he got into bed and I tried to sleep with images of New York in my dreams...

Day two of our New York trip was very short and obviously, we didn't get to see ALL of New York, but the good news is, New York is just three hours away from where I live and we can always go back whenever we want to. 

New York City, I miss you very much but I'm sure this isn't the last time I'm going to see you. Until next time!