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October and November Favorites

I apologize in advance if this post is not in VIDEO form. I still haven't really figured out how I'm going to film in my new space. I still need a few things to make my filming/beauty space presentable on camera so please bear with me. I have a few videos coming up soon and I promise, as soon as my little filming corner is ready, I will keep the videos coming.

For now, you'll have to read! 😂 

I wasn't able to talk to you about my October favorites since these past two months kept me really busy (traveling + moving), so I'll be combining the things that I've been loving in October and November on today's post. Sorry, it's going to be quite long. 😭✌



When I traveled to Montreal in October, I brought my almost empty eye cream with me, which I didn't like using at all! I'm talking to you, Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream. It did nothing for my dark circles and I was just really using it up so I can get a new eye cream. So, when I saw a Kiehl's store when I visited Montreal, I thought that it was the perfect time to try out something new.

I've heard a lot of great things about Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye cream. KathleenLights even said in one of her videos that it's the best eye cream she's ever tried and I knew since then that I had to try it for myself because I really have a bad case of dark under eye circles. 

This little thing costs $46 Canadian dollars (in that store)! In my head I said, "dang! das espensive!" But I had to have it, so I still went ahead and bought it.

I use it daily as a part of my night time routine. It has a really light consistency and a little bit goes a long way. It has a slight minty smell to it but it doesn't make my eye area stingy or hot. It doesn't make my eyes water either so the application of it is really comfortable for me. It sets pretty quickly too and this is the best part, IT WORKS! After over a month of religiously using it, I noticed that my dark circles have gotten so much lighter. Jorge and my sister Hannah noticed it too. So I guess it's really safe to say that I've found my ONE AND ONLY eye cream! The little tube is really expensive but it's worth every penny and I think it will last me at least 5 months so it's a really great investment. Question: I always snapchat my naked face. What do you think about my dark circles? Do you agree that it worked for me? 

Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment

Because of all the traveling I did in the span of two months, my skin really took a hard beating. I was breaking out almost everyday and these are huge painful pimples that we're talking about! I felt really ugly and helpless so I decided to take action! Upon arriving in the US, I made it one of my missions to get rid of my nasty pimples so I got this acne spot treatment cream.

This is great! I used it on all my pimples and this dried them up real quick without drying out my skin! I hope that made sense! My pimples didn't look flaky in the process. I also dab this on pimples that are about to come out and this just stops them from actually growing out. 


Do not doubt it. This really is the Angels on Bare Skin tub but it's in french because I bought this in Montreal. I had a hard time finding it in the Lush store over there because everything was in FRENCH! I ended up asking a staff which I hate doing (are you the same way?), but the girl I talked to was very sweet and very helpful.  Anyway, I got this cleanser because so many Youtubers that I follow love this and their faces look so flawless. Maybe "flawless" is the word-inspiration behind the name which I think is very clever. Lush as a brand is amazing and I love everything they stand for so I was really eager on trying out a few of their products with Angels on Bare skin on top of my list. 

As you can see in the photos, it's a solid bar that you mix with water before scrubbing onto the skin. It is a face and body cleanser but I use it solely for my face. This serves as my "exfoliator" in my night time routine. So first, I remove my makeup using a cleansing oil, then I wash away the oil and leftover makeup with a facial wash, then I go in with Angels on Bare Skin. What I love about this cleanser is the luxurious feeling it gives me. It's like a spa session every night! It has a very unique scent and the ground almonds and lavender petals that serve as the exfoliators feel really gentle on the skin. Most brands lie when they say that their cleansers leave the skin feeling hydrated, because those are the ones that usually strip the skin off of moisture! But Angels on Bare skin leaves the skin really soft and supple. Since it does exfoliate my skin, I noticed a difference on my pimple scars. I think this product slowly erases them and that's something a skincare product has never done to me before. It's amazing and I urge you to go try it for yourself. 

Lush only uses natural ingredients, meaning it's preservative-free that's why you'll notice that my pot has a BEST BEFORE date. Their products are VEGAN and absolutely CRUELTY-FREE.

// MAKEUP //


When I saw this tiny lipstick in my October IPSY bag, I felt so happy and excited! Look at how cute it is! UGH!!! 😍 The Balm Cosmetics is really famous for their illuminators but I've also heard great things about their liquid lipsticks so when I received a really cute Committed Meet Matt(e) Hughes in my bag, I was so giddy!

It's very creamy and very smooth to apply. It sets perfectly and it's the most comfortable matte liquid lipstick I have ever tried! This instantly became my favorite lipstick and I get compliments when I wear it. It is very long-wearing and it fades nicely. At first, it has this minty smell but once it sets, it starts to smell like cupcakes. A full-size lipstick is $17. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it is $3 cheaper than the OFRA liquid lipsticks (which I didn't find great by the way.). (Would you like me to write a detailed review on my OFRA lipstick in Miami Fever? Let me know!) 

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes > Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips > OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

My friend Jae said that this lipstick is very comparable to NYX's matte lip creams so I'll have to try it for myself. Do you agree? If it does end up looking and feeling the same way as NYX's then that would be a great alternative because NYX products are way cheaper than The Balm's! 


This setting spray is really great in prolonging the lifespan of your makeup. I use this on days that I wear makeup and this keeps my makeup intact for over 8 hours. This is so much better than Loreal's Infallible setting spray because that spray made my face oilier than it actually is. NYX's setting spray keeps my face looking less oily, but my nose is always an exception. 😂 Other than the fact that my nose ends up oily no matter what, I think this is the best setting spray that I have tried so far. Maybe next year, I will level-up and buy myself MAC Fix Plus. 

Loreal Infallible pro-matte 24-hr Foundation

If you're looking for a full-coverage foundation that sets matte, then the Infallible foundation is for you! If you have combo or oily skin, this will be a great foundation for you. Despite its thick consistency, it feels lightweight and it's easy to buff into the skin. This covers up my blemishes amazingly and it is indeed long-lasting, but not 24 hours long though. 


When I moved to the US, I realized that I forgot to pack my Rimmel liquid eyeliner. I thought about buying it again here but I got this Revlon liner instead because MCKENNA uses this eyeliner and her eyes always look so pretty! Guess what, I love it even more than the Rimmel liner! I have the shade black brown and black but the one I've been using all the time is the black brown shade. Now, I can't leave the house without eyeliner. 

// APPAREL // 

I got both the beanie and the scarf from Forever 21 when I was in Montreal and I've been using these two all the time! I think this combo is very fall appropriate!

I have been living in this very cozy Joe Fresh cowl neck sweater! I have also been wearing my faux suede boots (that I got from JustFab months ago) non-stop. 

// MISC. //

Justin Bieber's new album is bomb, the TV show NARCOS is one of the best shows out there right now, and my new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold is definitely a fave! <3 Lastly, me finally being here in the US with my husband is the best feeling ever! 

Tantadada! You've reached the end of the post! HOORAY! HAHA. Thank you for reading this very long blog post. Hopefully, my next MONTHLY FAVORITES post will be in a video again like the last time. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving/long weekend and I'll talk to you soon! 

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